Elsa as Wanda Maximoff? This is how some Disney characters would look like Marvel superheroes

Today we will show you the personalities of Disney, as “you would never have imagined them”.

Anna as Gamora

1. Anna as Gamora

Can you imagine the snow princess turned into the daughter of Thanos? It would be the same superhero with superhuman strength and agility. The illustrator Samuel Cheve shows us this combination.

It would be amazing to see how the woman with an accelerated healing factor saves the characters of the world from Frozen That would be a really cool thing to see!

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Disney moviesthe largest company in the world, they have been favorites for millions of children and adults through the ages. But superheroes are also gaining ground with each film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.generating billions of dollars worldwide.

And it is that, who doesn’t love characters like Elsa, Anna of Arendelle or heroes like Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) Already Captain Marvel (Brianne Sidonie).

In case you didn’t know, Disney and Marvel are now oneThis merger is due to the fact that the infamous movie production house absorbed the comics company in 2009 for the amount of more than 4 million dollars. However, they are handled entirely separately..

This fusion has given rise to the imagination of many fans in creating “crossover” of characters and today we will show you some.

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