Does Kylie Jenner reveal the name of her son? They claim to have found a clue

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Kylie Jenner fans say that she has finally mentioned the name of her second child. The successful younger sister of the Kardashians has focused on standing out in the business world with her Kylie Cosmetics brand that we can find in many countries around the world. Her personal life, despite being a member of one of her most public families, has tried as much as possible to keep it just for herself. Such is the case with the appearance and name of her second child.

A couple of months ago we were all excited to meet “wolf”, Stormi’s younger brother; however, Kylie announced to us that her name was no longer that because she considered that it did not go with her personality.

“FYI, our son is no longer called Wolf. We really don’t feel like it was him. I just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”Jenner wrote on her social networks. She has not yet publicly revealed which other name she has chosen, so her fans look under the stones for a sign that will clarify what the new one is.

They think they’ve found one. The Kardashian Clan is in Italy preparing for the big wedding of Kourtney and Travis Barker, the drummer who has stolen her heart and with whom she got engaged last October.

Kylie posted a photo walking down the stairs with her cute little four-year-old daughter. She wrote in the description “Just me, Storm and Coconut traveling the world together”. His followers were surprised and excited because they believed it was the name of their new son

However, in the comments he posted Khloe Kardashian that he loves the three of them but the followers realized that Stormi had a small doll in her arms so she opened a debate; Several assured that it is not the name of their baby, but of the doll that their daughter has in her arms.

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