Does Elodie copy Beyoncé? Alessi: “She is more beautiful, why imitate her?” And she on the future as a showgirl: “she has talent, but …”

The media recognize Elodie as the Italian Beyoncé, also thanks to the new hair look, which seems to imitate the American star paro paro. But is her courage to change or rather the need to imitate the sacred monsters? We asked Roberto Alessi, director of Novella 2000: “she is even more beautiful, but Beyoncé’s talent crushes anyone”. And he wonders: “Why necessarily imitate someone? Elodie is trendy, but not surprising”. And on the possible future as a showgirl, she adds: “she’s talented, but … she dances? She moves her leg. Let’s leave Carrà alone”

Andlodie is now at ease in the shoes of Beyoncé de’noantri, and recognized as such also by the Italian media, at least judging by the new hair look. As, abandoned the short and dark hair, and then the extra long braids, we find it in curls that fade towards the blonde.

“If you have the courage to change, stay true to yourself”, reads the caption of the post in which the singer shows the news in terms of hair. A change made over time, and evolved up to the last step, of one performer out of the township, thanks to his strengths and talents alone: ​​his voice, undeniably excellent, and the thigh cut, equally considerable. In comparison with the old photos of the good times (“Friends”), it is also evident the work done on her by the skilful machine of the show. A nice trick, often marked, extensions, outfits that highlight the lean physique, et voilà, the spell is served and seasoned.

May Elodie always be blessed, and his sexy attitude, which hovers in the ways, in the walk, in the exotic features, and which also makes it splash first in the standings, despite the dubious hits. And she deliberately follows the American model, subscribing more than the courage to change, the need to emulate the sacred monsters (including JLo and Shakira). So, for the better analyze its revolutionary soul in the look (and also in the artistic path), we asked an opinion to Roberto Alessidirector of Novella 2000 (the Italian “Bible of customs”).

D.director, new change of look for Elodie: do you think you are the Italian Beyoncé?

She is certainly beautiful and knows how to rely on the right people. She also dresses Donatella Versace, and since she has never hidden her origins of her bourgeoisie, she wears a dress worth fifteen thousand euros and more also underlines the wealth that has come to the children of the people. After that, instead of her, I would never be inspired by certain sacred monsters like Beyoncé, who is much less beautiful than her, and I say this because I have known her, but she has such infinite talent and charisma that they could kill anyone. Elodie is gorgeous, I repeat, but she gets lost a bit: false eyelashes, makeup, tattoo, extensions, now the blonde hair, which is certainly not part of her DNA … she I don’t like it when she gets loaded too much.

Does it lack personality?

No, she doesn’t lack personality, but I don’t support wanting to imitate someone. This last image of him represents the ruling class, that is, lightened hair, extension, neckline, belly out. In short, perfectly trendy. And from an artist, honestly, I expect something more surprising.

During Eurovision, Cristiano Malgioglio compared the Spanish singer (Chanel Terrero) to a discount Lopez. Would he say that about her too?

Malgioglio is a brilliant character, and I think he is also a friend of Elodie, he would never define her as Beyoncé’s fake. Then the beauties look a bit alike. Even Beyoncé maybe refers to other beautiful ones, reminds me of Tina Turner, who was a space pussy.

TOeven in the latest and much discussed video, “Bagno a midnight”, Elodie shows off an undeniable sensuality.

But he always had it. Even in the days of “Amici”, with short pink hair. She doesn’t need necklines to be sexy. She was born sensual, she moves sensual, she speaks sensual.

Sing, but also dance in the official clips. Do you see her in other roles, in the future, as well as a singer?

He’s certainly talented, but … does he dance? He moves his leg. Showgirls are something else. She is a very good interpreter, for now, and stop. We will see, over time, if she will also become a new Raffaella. For now, Carrà is untouchable.

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