Cofepris alert for contamination: Skittles and Lifesavers

In recent days, consumers in the United States found metal strands embedded in different candies of the brands “skittles”, “Salvavidas” and “Life savers”, of the Mars Wrigley brand, which are being voluntarily withdrawn from different stores in the United States. United States, Canada and Mexico as prevention since to date no cases have been registered in the country.

The Mars Wrigley Mexico brand notified that health authorities made a voluntary withdrawal of more than 353 batches of the 4 different products mentioned above. Cofepris makes these sweets available to the general public, as well as supermarkets, self-service stores and all businesses that sell these sweets.

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Which batches are being pulled from shelves across the country?

  • Skittles Gummies Original, 500g. – Lot 139 to 218
  • Skittles Gummies Blackberries, 50p. – Lot 138 to 218
  • Skittles Gummies Original, 164g. – Lot 139-218
  • skittles blackberry gummies, 164g. – Lot 138-218
  • Lifeguards, Life Savers, blackberry gummies, 50g. – Lot 136 to 152
  • Life Savers, gummies wild berries, 198g. – Lot 136 to 152
  • Life Savers gummies 5 flavors,198g. – Lot 136 to 139

If in your store or supermarket or in your case when buying sweets you come across the aforementioned lots, their sale must be suspended immediately and the health complaint made on the page.

If said product was ingested and presents discomfort, it is recommended that you immediately go to a doctor or physician and inform the service number 800 122 4626 or on the page:

Cofepris informs that this alert is solely and exclusively for dissemination to the general public, and is not any type of resolution to authorize, revoke or extend any type of health authorizations or is an imposition of administrative sanctions or therefore preventive security measures. .

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