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Netflix releases the official trailer for the film The Spider’s Headwhich will star Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett. The darkly humorous psychological thriller fuses several genres under the direction of Joseph Kosinski.

This film will be available from June 17 on the Netflix platform. Its director has already worked on major audiovisual projects such as Tron: Legacy either Top Gun: Maverick. The plot is based on the short story of The New Yorker, Escape From Spiderheadfrom George Saunders.

As for the trailer we can see how Chris Hemsworth comes to the fore as the Mr Steve Abnesti and with a microphone in hand, while listening to a voice in the background say, “At the head of the spider we are very proud of our work. Our work will help save lives. Not just one life, many.”

Who is Steve Abnesti?

The character Chris will play is a drug scientistwith which he experiments on detainees in a technological and isolated prison, which causes their mood to change and generates unknown abilities.

According to what the director himself said at the film’s press release, the character is “the visionary genius behind the entire Spiderhead show. Who has noble intentions, but also some darker things lurking just below the surface.”

Joseph Kosinski at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick / Getty Images

He also talked about the other two main characters, “she has a more mysterious past and is attracted to Jeff. They have a very close relationship, but while he openly shows her feelings for her, she hides her pain with a cheerful personality.”

movie trailer

A mixture of psychological thriller and humor that we will be able to meet June 17 on Netflix.

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