5 years of one of the biggest Hollywood flops in history and the perfect example of how not to start a Cinematic Universe

The May 22, 2017 is a special date, since it was the day that Universal officially announced the start of the Dark Universe. In the study of the promises they were very happy, because that day ‘The mummy’ was also released, the film starring Tom Cruise called to be the starting gun of this cinematographic universe. The truth is that it ended up being the beginning and the end of an ambitious plan that came out in the worst possible way.

Together with Cruise in the image we can see sofia boutellathe one in charge of giving life to the mummy in the film directed by alex kurtzman -who still regrets how bad everything went-, Russell Crowewhom we could also see in that tape playing Dr. Jekyll, Johnny Deppwho was called to give life to the invisible man, Javier Bardemthe actor chosen to become Frankenstein’s monster, hoping that Angelina Jolie play the girlfriend of that mythical creature.

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The truth is it didn’t take long for things to come crashing down, since ‘The Mummy’ had a very negative critical reception and, although it was not bad at the box office – at least worldwide, because in the United States it did play, the public did not seem to be left wanting more either. That the film left the feeling that the only thing that seemed to matter was trying to lay the foundations of a Marvel universe did not help much.

Forced change of course

Universal’s doubts were not long in coming, announcing the departure of the two main people responsible for devising the creative route of this universe before 2017 came to an end. No positive news came out about it until it was announced that the studio had decided to redirect its bet and focus on independent and more modest productions.

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The first proof of this was ‘The Invisible Man’, a film with a budget of just 7 million dollars that multiplied by 20 that figure at the box office. Since then, other productions have been launched, such as a new version of ‘The Wolf Man’ starring Ryan Goslingbut we haven’t seen any yet.

Nicholas Cage Dracula

Of course, the next one to be released should be ‘Reinfeld’, a different approach to the myth of Count Dracula, which on this occasion is played by Nicolas Cage. The release of it is scheduled for next April 13 and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is already looking forward to seeing it.

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