Will Smith and the millions of dollars he earned before slap

Will with his wife Jada Pinkett and their children.

Will with his wife Jada Pinkett and their children.

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the controversial actor Will Smith he began artistically being a rap singer. In order to achieve his dream of becoming a song superstar, he dropped out of school and took up music. He did so well that he got a Grammy. He financially he did not grow in opulence. He was the son of a refrigeration expert and a student council member. His talent led him, little by little, to acting where he made the most of his wealth. He today possesses an enviable fortune, however, after the Oscar incident in which he slapped ChrisRock, he has also stopped earning juicy sums.

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Will Smith’s fortune of millions

$350 million the actor’s fortune is currently calculated, according to information published by Celebrity Net Worth.

$55 million received in 2017 for the film Bright. It is speculated that the sequel, which Netflix canceled, would bring him about $60 million, which naturally he will no longer receive.

$45 million made a profit in 2021, even though no movie was released. His activity in social networks and advertising allowed him to earn that money without leaving home.

$44 million Smith won at the start of the pandemic, in 2020, according to Forbes.

$40 million He won for the role of King Williams, the father of tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, which gave him the Oscar. It could be his last performance in Hollywood after the scandal.

$20 million in advance received for the film men in black 3 in 2013. It also received another million because it negotiated 10% of the worldwide box office. At that time he was the highest paid actor.

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$17 million received by bad boys 3 six years ago. Sony had already approved tape four of the story, but after the slap incident it was cancelled. It is said that the production company planned to pay Smith about 30 million, which of course the actor will no longer earn.

$12 million The mansion he acquired with his wife Jada Pinkett would cost in September 2021. The house has 5,000 square meters, and is located in the exclusive Hiddens Hills neighborhood, it has six bedrooms, a gym, a cinema and different sports fields. He is a neighbor of Kylie Jenner and Drake.

73 is the sales position currently held by the autobiographical book Willwhich Smith launched in 2021. The text is the only thing that has picked up profits after the Oscar event.

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