Warner didn’t want her in the movie but the reason she gave has nothing to do with Johnny Depp

Much is still being said about the case. Amber Heard in ‘Aquaman 2’, to the point that some media are even giving credibility to the absurd rumor that they are going to hire Paris Hilton to replace it. It was not entirely clear to me that it was necessary to return to the subject, but I think it is necessary to make it clear what exactly has been revealed in this regard in the trial that confronts the actress with Johnny Depp.

Everything that has been said about the possible dismissal

one) Heard Has Shot All Her Scenes From ‘Aquaman 2’ and the film has only delayed its release because the team of james wan I needed a little more time to get ready for the great display of visual effects that it will have.

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2) The actress recently revealed that the presence of Mera, her character, in the film is much smaller than initially planned. Heard also noted that Warner didn’t want her in ‘Aquaman 2’ and that she had to fight hard to stay on board. However, its weight in the script was losing relevance as new versions were writtenalways being her the only source.

3) She also recently claimed that the blame for her losing weight in the movie is the accusations made by Depp. Also, ‘Aquaman 2’ It is the last tape of the contract that he had with Warner and DC. That does not mean that he will stop playing Mera -if both parties want to renew the agreement, he would already be-, but it does make it more likely. Of course, she has not been fired from her in any case, nor has anyone been hired to replace her.

4) Jessica Kovacevich, the actress’s agent, has confirmed that Warner did not want Heard in ‘Aquaman 2’. In her opinion, because no one wants to be associated with someone surrounded by such bad press, but she clarified that the studio never used that explanation. What they did adduced was an alleged “lack of chemistry with Jason Momoa“.

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5) According to her agent, what Heard did lose during this whole process is a role in a movie for Amazon Prime Video whose title she did not specify. In fact, lately Heard has only participated in an independent production shot in Guatemala for which he has barely received 65,000 dollars. His salary in ‘Aquaman 2’ was 2 million dollars


In conclusion, they did want to do without her but they did not, she has received the salary established in the contract and everything indicates that she will lose a lot of relevance in the sequel. but stay in it and it is still not one more case of that long list of dismissals with controversy.

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