Tom Cruise: “There are always new dreams and goals to fulfill”

It was in 1986 when Top Gun was released, a film starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, which was a success at the box office, becoming the most watched of that year, it became a movie classic and remained in the memory of many fans; now comes the sequel to the film: Maverick, in which Tom Cruise continues to be the protagonist with his own character several years later, and now with Jenniffer Connelly as the other half of him.

Other actors that make up the cast are Jon Hamm, who participated in the successful series Mad Men; Miles Teller, who gained great recognition for the film Whiplash, as well as Monica Barbaro, from Chicago Justice and the actor with Latin blood Danny Rodríguez. All of them were visiting Mexico and talked with MILENIO about the challenges of facing airplanes, the training that a film like this requires where adrenaline is also undoubtedly the protagonist of the story.

“This sequel is incredible, of great quality; the training was really very intense, Tom was with us at all times, he formed a great team so that we all felt confident; putting the cameras inside the planes and capturing the best shots was crazy, I loved doing it”, said Miles in an interview with MILENIO.

Being a classic, they seek to leave the best taste in the mouth not only among the fans, but also in the new generations that will see the film, so the effort was even greater due to the desire to deliver a story full of a lot of action and outside one hundred percent entertaining.

Tom Cruise

When I was 15 years old and I saw Top Gun I still remember the emotion, because we loved it, it was cool to see Tom Cruise with the glasses, motorcycles, action; All my friends and I wanted to be Maverick, we wanted to look cool, be the heartthrob, so it was a lot of fun to do it. I think that the new generations will be able to have another version with this tape, they will be able to analyze the different perspectives between the new and old generations”, said Jon Hamm in the interview.

The return

The story of this second part directed by Joe Koskinski, centers on the reunion of Maverick, an instructor at the Top Gun Academy, and the arrival of Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), the son of his late flight mate, Goose.

This will revive Maverick’s feeling of guilt over the death of his friend, so both will embark on an adventure through the heights in which anything can happen: rancor, love, nostalgia; It will be possible to see how Maverick, the most risky pilot, teaches an apprentice to fly with caution.

Tom Cruise

During the film, Maverick teaches the team that sacrifices must always be made to face obstacles, great cunning and strength are required to fulfill dreams and get through difficult times.

“No one can achieve success without sacrifice if you don’t learn lessons and take risks; the film explores just that, how we all go through a mental and emotional process in complicated situations to later achieve goals or what we most desire in life, everything always means something. Top Gun: Maverick has all of these elements,” Hamm said.

Working with Tom Cruise was a unique experience for everyone, some knew him and others had never worked with him, plus everyone knows that the actor performs his own scenes, he does not have doubles and the parts in which he pilots the planes are totally by Tom Cruise. , because he has an honorary naval aviation certificate.

“Tom is a movie star, as a person he is incredible, as an actor he is wonderful, he loves his job, it shows with the passion with which he does everything; He is affectionate, attentive, a great scene partner and for me to be with him on the film was amazing, ”said Jon.

For Jennifer Connelly it was a surprise to work with Tom, because she had a better perspective of him, she would work with him again as many times as necessary.

“I did not know Tom, he is a great actor, he formed a great team and gave us all his confidence on the set; he is passionate, he is fun, friendly and always looking out for everyone, he really surprised me with the way he works, he is just amazing and he loves everything he does”, Jennifer highlighted.

now empowered

The actress, who is also known for having made films like Requiem for a Dream and A Beautiful Mind, assures that Maverick is already one of her favorite jobs, in addition to the fact that playing Penny in the film exalts her as a woman, since the film industry has opened up to giving more weight, voice and interesting leads to the characters. feminine.

Tom Cruise

“In the cinema we already have more parity, there is a good balance; I really appreciate that my character is an independent woman, with a big business that she owns and heads; she is a strong, capable woman, she is a single mother without complexes, happy. I very much appreciate that I have had to reflect such a woman in a film like this, “said Connelly.

American actress Monica Barbaro appears in the film as a strong and fearless pilot, who also required hours of training.

“Women weren’t allowed in aviation until the ’90s., so they had to work very hard to be recognized and taken seriously in this space of aviation, so for me it was very fortunate to play a pilot and work with a whole team so that we all came out very well; it is also to redirect the perspective of women in this field, to give her place and to be part of another way of inspiration”, said Monica Barbaro.

“Sometimes it seems that you have to work harder to be recognized, but here they didn’t make me feel that way, it was wonderful to be with the entire cast, with Tom and with the production,” he added.

Danny Rodríguez, born in the United States of Colombian and Mexican descent, is also a fellow pilot and had to learn to be in the skies without fear.

“At first I was scared of flying, but Tom created a super specific training with a soft start process to get us used to the air, we started with a small plane, a small plane, then a jet and then we graduated to F18; I loved flying, I learned how these types of planes come back. Tom gave us the confidence, he is the only one who can create this training because he does it all, he does it three times more than us, he knew what helped him and then he created this to help us”, highlighted Danny.

Tom Cruise was in Mexico City for the premiere of the movie Top Gun: Maverick, during the red carpet he stressed that he always has more dreams to fulfill, despite the fact that he has achieved everything he loves, he goes for much more.

“My dream has always been to have the ability to tell stories, to entertain the public; and it is still missing because there are always new dreams, new goals, there are always new stories to tell and mountains to climb, the fun in life is thinking about what the new challenge will be and creating a new story with it, “the actor told MILENIO .

Top Gun (1986)

Directed by Tony Scott, it won the Oscar for Best Original Music and was nominated for Best Sound and Best Editing. The director’s death in 2012 stalled any progress on the project, and there was speculation that the film would never get made. Francis Ford Coppola was first mentioned as a possible director, but Cruise confirmed Joseph Kosinski in 2017.

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