They recreate the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in the style of Ace Attorney

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One of the most talked about topics in recent weeks has been the trial of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard, which has touched on several sensitive issues that continue to surprise the community. However, there is always a sector that takes things with humor. A good example of this is a series of videos that recreate the situation as if it were a game of Ace Attorney.

Anything else to say?
Anything else to say?

As you surely know, the trial of the 2 actors has had an impressive global reach, so people are still waiting to find out how it will all end, but not before filling their curiosity with the incredible and shocking statements of each of its participants.

It is due to this, and to all the information about the case that has been made public, that the YouTube channel MARIMOMO MORIMO decided to make an impressive recreation of the trial of Depp and Heard in the purest style of Ace AttorneyCapcom franchise.

Here you can see the first video of the series:

As you could see, the protagonist of this video is the objection, typical in the video game saga and also in the real trial, so it is undoubtedly a job that will surely delight all fans of Ace Attorney and to the community in general.

An important point to consider is that, in addition to the “Objection!”, the mentioned channel took other elements from the games, such as the health bar (which represents the patience of the judge), the graphic style and the music, among others, to show what each scene would look like within a game.

It is worth mentioning that, at the moment, there are a total of 5 short videos with some of the most important moments of the trial, so if you want to check them all, you can do so at this link (the one with you know what in Johnny’s bed is the 3).

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We remind you that the series Ace Attorney It is still celebrating its 20th anniversary and throughout its history it has received different games, an anime adaptation, a live-action movie, some manga series, plays and even orchestral concerts.

On the other hand, the trial of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard for defamation is still in process and is expected to conclude on May 27.

What do you think of the recreation of said trial? Tell us in the comments.

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