The next three rivals of Roman Reigns in WWE are revealed

During the last hours there have been many WWE news that have highlighted the new contract that the current face of the company has signed, such as the undisputed WWE champion Roman Reigns. He has not stopped being at the top of the company, since that is how it has been seen over the months and the rivals he has knocked down over the months.

Rivals of Roman Reigns

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there is currently talk of Reigns defending the title against Matt Riddle on July 2 at Money in the Bank, Randy Orton on July 30 at SummerSlam and Drew McIntyre at The Clash in the Castle UK stadium show on 3rd September.

Reigns will appear on television to build those three matches. He has recently been announced for the July 22 SmackDown in Boston, the July 25 Raw event at Madison Square Garden and the August 19 SmackDown in Montreal.

Given this information taken by the prestigious journalist, the role of the face of the company in the coming months can be made clear. So much so that it has been seen how their participation in television programming has been drastically reduced. In the next big event he is not scheduled to fight, because of his contract or the injury suffered in his last starting defense.

If the calculations do not fail, everything indicates that RK-Bros will be the great stumbling block of Roman’s reign that will face two great rivals. Riddle was already kneeing him and anticipating what could be his next confrontation. WWE veteran Randy Orton would be Roman’s other rival. Both know each other before several rivalries.

The last step for Roman would be to crown three great defenses against Drew who plays at home and for the first time would have the entire crowd behind him at the event on September 3 in Cardiff.

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