Scott Disick criticized for overshadowing ex Kourtney Kardashian with “cruel” comment before her marriage to Travis Barker

SCOTT Disick has been criticized for shadowing ex Kourtney Kardashian prior to her marriage to Travis Barker.

Scott, 38, shares children, Mason, 12, Penelope, nine, and Reign, seven, with the founder of Poosh.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker recently got married and will celebrate with a third wedding this weekend


In a recent episode of the Kardashians, Scott and Kardashian-Jenner middle sister Khloe Kardashian, 37, had a conversation about his feelings and his ex Kourtney.

Khloe went to Scott’s house to cheer him up after he and his children were left out of a Kardashian family reunion to celebrate Kourtney’s engagement to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, 46.

In the episode, after cleaning the dog’s urine off the floor and enduring a flurry of verbal advances, Khloe asks Scott, “How are you?”

Scott takes a deep breath and replies, “Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love your sister.”

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Then, referring to the news of the engagement, he continues: “I was not caught off guard. I thought they were already married as she spoke ”.

“So it wasn’t crazy”, he admits then adds, “thank God, because in another moment of my life, if I had heard it, life would have ended for me”.

It is at this point that Scott’s jealous nature begins to rear its ugly head.

“It gives me a lot of relief that she is happy, someone else is taking care of her.”

In a confessional Scott reveals that he always felt like he was “[his] blame]for the breakup [their] family ”and who had a responsibility to“ be there for [Kourtney] and take care of her “.

He goes on to say that “even though we weren’t together, I just felt that guilt. So it was a lot to manage ”.

Scott then begins to reveal the true intention of his “thoughtfulness”.

“I… selfishly feel that a lot of things have been taken off me. I think ultimately… it’s a good thing. I couldn’t do the job of being with her. “

Then he breathes a sigh of relief and says he “says hello to Travis” because “he has a lot of work.”

Khloe asks “what do you mean? How with the whole family? “

Scott replies, completely doubling his induced jealousy now: “No, family is the best part. Kourtney is not the easiest when it comes to… everything ”.

Khloe in her own confessional states, “This is only him who is irreverent.”

He continues: “He’s acting… he’s so clear, he’s so transparent. But if Kourtney was such a problem… why would he want to be with her for so many years? “


Scott’s insecure behavior was targeted several times during this season’s airing of the Kardashians.

In another recent episode, Scott’s jealous anger exploded over Kendall Jenner when he lashed out at her after he wasn’t invited to the model’s birthday party.

“Kourtney, at the end of the day, is my sister,” defended Kendall. “This dinner was literally 15 people …”

Scott, 12 years her senior, replied, “I didn’t hear you apologize.”

“You won’t let me speak, Scott. You’re talking above me, ”Kendall said, seemingly helpless.

The model grabbed her food and rushed off saying, “I’m out, it’s so fucking ridiculous.”

Turning away, he added, “I’m so on top of this Scott shit, really.”

Kendall immediately leaves the fight to go to Kourtney Kardashian’s house.

A makeup-free Kourtney is sitting on the bed with a skinny-looking Khloe who had her long blonde hair down.

Kendall told them what happened and Khloe – who is very attached to Scott as fans have surely noticed after making “sexual comments” about him last week – has had enough.

“Tell him ‘hey, go ahead, stop talking about my family shit,’” Khloe advised.

“’Stop putting everyone else in the middle.’ He won’t go to Kourtney [to find out info about things] because he knows he can’t get shit from her, so he’s going to you, the least combative, ”he continued.

“And it’s really fucking fucked up to plunder you. It’s actually really fucking rude. “

Khloe then shot at Scott: “’I’m sure it hurts you. I’m sure it really sucks to realize what you’ve done to your life.

“Because once you have to swallow that pill, it’s a fucking hard pill to swallow.”


Kendall later invited Scott to his home to repair the bridge between the two, but even while repairing one bridge, the father of three found a way to damage others.

The two sat down to talk and Kendall openly admitted that “[she] did not speak [Scott] since it all went down ”.

Scott acknowledges that the fight may have been their “first argument” since they’ve known each other.

Kendall tells him she’s “always been his advocate and [that she] it always will be ”and that he was trying to apologize but the situation is still very fresh.

A more balanced Scott now agrees: “I understand where you come from … I’m not mad at you.”

Kendall then tells Scott that the previous conversation could have been handled better by stating, “You immediately attacked me … and immediately I shut down, immediately I’m trying to defend myself.”

Scott agrees, “neither of us understood anything”.

In a confessional, he tells the audience that “it looked awful [Kendall and I] we got to a point where we couldn’t even talk to each other normally… and that aroused anger ”.

Kendall then has a confessional of her own in which she faces the struggle that every family faces when facing change.

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The haunting

“The beginning of any kind of change in a family is just a difficult and embarrassing time,” she says.

With things in place, Scott lets people know what he thinks of Kendall about the rest of her family: “I tell you, you are the most normal person in the family … everyone has to do with something.”

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