Palomo Spain makes public the price of Chanel’s suit at Eurovision

Chanel’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest The audience was dazzled by the artist’s dance, her talent, her energy and also by the costumes she wore throughout the performance.. The young woman was one of the great sensations of the contest and many speculated that she could have been the winner if it had not been for the Russian invasion. But beyond that, Chanel made history by wearing the most expensive suit ever worn by a Spanish representative at the festival most important music in Europe.

This was confirmed the designer Palomo Spain during his appearance in ‘La Noche D’, also highlighting that the most striking part of his design were the 50,000 Swarovski crystals that adorned the garments. “We had never put so many crystals before, we had to send Ignasi to the physio, the guy from my studio who was putting them. It was a blast”, he confessed.


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Such a quantity of crystals gave it a weight of “between five and eight kilos” and caused the cost to rise considerably. Until Chanel’s performance, the most expensive dress had been the one Edurne wore during her performance in 2015, but Palomo has confirmed that the record was broken in the last edition: “If we had to sell it as it is, it would be about two or three times that of Edurne”. According to this statement, the figure would be above 30,000 euros.

“A superheroine with goyesque references”

The work that Palomo Spain and his team have carried out has been against the clock and with some problems, such as the removal of the fringes due to the performance they had prepared or adapting everything to just two tests with the artist. Yes indeed, the designer achieved his goal of “that Spain was represented at a glance, a very modern thing, like a kind of superheroine with Goyesque references”.

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