Pachuca vs Chivas: Esthefanny Barreras punched Jaramillo

Mexico City /

The Final of the Ida of the Clausura 2022 of the Liga MX Femenil was very intense, because in addition to the rain of goalstempers flared and there was an assault by the goalkeeper of the Tuzas.

During a game play, which youfinished 4-2 to favor of the Sacred Flockthe goalkeeper of the Bella Airosa team, Esthefanny Barreras, punched Carolina Jaramillo.

The assault was recorded after a exit of barrierswhich ended up being impacted by the rojiblanca player, which could not be stopped. after contact, Esthefanny let out a blow with her fist in the body of his rival.

Although the hissing Priscila Eritzel Perez Borja It was very close to the place where the attack took place. did not show any card to the player of the local team.

Reactions on social networks

As expected, the aggression of Esthefanny Barreras to Carolina Jaramillo generated several reactions on social networks such as Twitter, where the goalkeeper was asked not to play the Vuelta match due to her behavior on the pitch Hidalgo Stadium.

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