Netflix: the most outstanding releases that arrive in June

A few days before the start of June and the beginning of winter, Netflix announced the best titles that will land on its platform to enjoy from the armchair at home on any of the devices connected to the Internet.

Since the streaming platform arrived at the Argentina, hundreds of thousands of users take advantage of content for all tastes and ages. To retain its vast audience in the face of growing fierce competition in the online entertainment market, update your billboard month by month with new titles, unmissable classics, new seasons of its best series, and other kinds of surprises.

The most outstanding releases of Netflix in June

  • Borgen: Reign of Power and Glory

A nine years from the end of the last installmentthe premiere of the new season of Borgen: Reign of Power and Glorythe successful political series of Danish origin that addresses the relevance of the Kingdom of Denmark in today’s world, the war of the superpowers for control of the Arctic, and not least climate change.

The main plot revolves around the struggle for power and the influence it exerts on people, both professionally and personally. However, the return of the series after the release of the third season in 2013 will focus on the continuation of the trajectory of Katrine Fønsmark (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen). After serving as press officer for Birgitte, Fønsmark returns to journalism as director of the news department of a national television network.

Premiere: June 2.

  • Eirik Jensen: Police or criminal?

The documentary redeals with the unprecedented criminal proceedings against Erik Jensen, Norway’s most famous policeman. Netflix’s new true crime series asks the question that has plagued the country since his arrest in 2013: Is he the best police officer in Norwegian history or the biggest drug dealer ever seen in Scandinavia? In addition to offering unprecedented access to Eirik Jensen himself, this docuseries features the testimonies of highly charismatic and colorful characters, and tells their incredible stories, from their first encounters in the 1990s to their possible fall from grace in court in 2020. . Who tells the truth? The doubt will keep the spectators in suspense until the end.

Premiere: June 3.

One of the most striking releases on the Netflix billboard in June is this film directed by Jeremiah Zagar and starring Adam Sandler, who plays a scout for outstanding basketball players. Being abroad, he discovers a player with enormous talent but with a difficult past. Without his team’s approval, he decides to take the phenom with him, giving them both one last chance to prove themselves worthy of the NBA.

Premiere: June 8.

There is nothing left for the end of the acclaimed English period series starring Cillian Murphy with its final and sixth season. Although this installment had already been broadcast by the BBC on February 27 in the United Kingdom, this June 10 will land on Netflix and all eyes will be on her.

In this peaky blinders final season, fiction fans will be able to see the development of World War II and how fascism, capitalism and socialism impact the main characters. On the other hand, we will know what will happen to the Shelby legacy, since Michael could become a threat to the history of thomas shelby.

Brief synopsis for those who haven’t seen the previous seasons yet: Birmingham (England), 1919. Thomas Shelby is the violent leader of a well-known gang; an organized crime boss willing to make it to the top no matter what it takes. Premiere of the sixth season on June 10, 2022.

Premiere: June 10.

Starring Juan Minujín, Diego Peretti and Macarena Achaga. The film begins with Luciana’s relatives, who are mysteriously dying one after another, and her circle tightens around her. The presence of her boss, an enigmatic writer with suspicious behavior, looms over the events behind a veil of terror. While she does the impossible to save her sister Valentina from her, the only relative of hers left alive, Luciana finds herself at a crossroads between reason and death. In the race against time to bring her truth to light, she seals a blood pact to consummate her revenge.

Premiere: June 15.

Other titles landing on Netflix in June:

  • Interceptor (Movie) – June 3
  • The Floor is Lava (Reality show) – June 3
  • Halftime (Documentary) – June 14
  • God’s Favorite Idiot (Series) – June 15
  • The Wrath of God (Movie) – June 15
  • Toma Ikuta Sings, dances and plays kabuki (Documentary) – June 16
  • Love and Anarchy (Series) – June 16
  • Spiderhead (Movie) – June 17
  • SPRIGGAN (Series – Anime) – June 18
  • Ben Crump: The Lawyer for African Americans (Documentary) – June 19
  • The Umbrella Academy (Series) – June 22
  • Man vs. Bee (Series) – June 24
  • La casa de papel: Coreo (Series) – June 24

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