Mexico does not need Cuban doctors, affirms the Colima College of Physicians

Mexico does not need Cuban doctors because here there are medical professionals trained and prepared to occupy the different positions that the federal government is offering to foreigners, assured the president of the College of Physicians of the State of Colima, Cristina Bayardo Quezada.

“We do not agree with this contracting (of Cuban doctors) because Mexico has doctors graduated from the more than 300 universities with School of Medicinetrained and prepared, and we have both general practitioners and specialists in different areas”, he explained in an interview.

Cristina Bayardo He said that there are many unemployed doctors in the country, “for this reason, what we want is for the health sector to open a call where those Mexican medical professionals who do not have a job can participate.”

The president of College of Physicians of the State of Colima recalled that the hiring of 500 Cubans was one of the issues discussed at the recent National Assembly of the Medical College of Mexicoand there a position was established in the sense that the federal government you do not need to bring professionals from Cuba because here there are enough and well trained.

The same way, Bayardo Quezada He highlighted the importance of sufficient security in the health sector, since many doctors in the country have been physically attacked, kidnapped and even killed.

Instead, he asked for sufficient resources to acquire sufficient supplies, medical equipment and medicines to serve patients with dignity.

“In our recent Assembly, a written statement was made addressed to the president of Mexico, where we asked him for an audience to give him all the information that is being collected throughout the country with our colleagues and bring him a well-founded study of how the situation is of the doctors, and we are waiting for them to give us a date on which he can receive us,” he said.

Finally, he reiterated that Mexico It has the preparation, capacity and sufficient number of doctors to serve the entire country.

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