Mbappé rejected Real Madrid with a WhatsApp message

What appeared to be a bombshell that would make everyone happy madridista fansended in a monumental snub, because Kylian Mbappe term rejecting to the real Madrid to renew with PSGnews that he communicated to Florentino Perez via WhatsApp.

After the announcement that Mbappe would not go to real Madridthe supposed message that the Frenchman sent to the President of the ‘You meringues’so apparently he ‘apologized’ for not accepting his proposal but he preferred to stay in Paris.

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What did Mbappé’s WhatsApp message to Florentino say?

Joseph Pedrolhost of ‘El Chiringuito’, is a character who is very close to the whole core of the Real Madrid, so you would have gotten the message from WhatsApp that the Frenchman sent to Florentino Perez to inform him that he would not change teams.

Mbappe he thanked Florentine the opportunity and having insisted so much on wanting to sign him, because despite the fact that he dreamed of going to the real Madrid since he was a child, he couldn’t accept the offer, so this is what he would have told him.

Kylian Mbappe with PSG

Mr Florentine you I communicate what I have decided to stay at PSG. I want to thank him for the opportunity he has given me to play for Real Madrid, the club I have been a fan of since I was little. I hope you understand with my decision. Good luck in the Champions League Final”, would have written the ‘7’ of PSG.

Florentino Pérez’s response to Mbappé

In case the leaked message from WhatsApp was little, Joseph Pedrol He also revealed what he answered Florentino Perez to Mbappeimplying that he was not entirely to blame for ‘rejecting’ them, as it implies that there was a lot of pressure from the PSG and ended up accepting.

I’m sorry about what happened in the last few days. They have broken the illusion that you had since childhood. I wish you the best”, he sentenced.

Mbappe signed until the year 2025 with the PSG and after this announcement, it seems that the doors of the real Madrid They have permanently closed for him.

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