Matt Hardy details how he explained his ‘Woken’ character to Vince McMahon

In a new edition of his podcast “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy”, Matt Hardy recalled when he met with Vince McMahon in his office upon learning that they planned to revive his character “Broken” in WWE but with a different name than the one he had in IMPACT Wrestling: “Woken”.

Matt and Jeff hardy returned to WWE in the middle of a ladder match for the Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 33, making fans explode with his return. However, since many had already seen their careers outside of the best-known company in the business, they began to chant their mythical phrases in each presentationsomething that did not go unnoticed by McMahon.

“I talked to a lot of the writers and they seemed to agree with her. I was ready to do something that was going to be a WWE creation. I have to try to do new things. So I came to Raw. I remember showing up to be on TV that day, maybe I was a few minutes late, or whatever. Then all of a sudden Bray Wyatt showed up and was like, ‘Oh shit. Are you excited about today?’ and I said, ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Haven’t you heard?’ He replied,” Hardy began the story.

But a meeting with the boss was not expected to be so soon, and so urgent: “At that moment I see that Michael Hayes sent me a text message: ‘I need you to call me right now. I have to get you to face Vince ‘. I texted him. I texted him, ‘I’m here. I’ll be there in a second.’ “Today we are starting the whole angle of Bray Wyatt and ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy for television”. I walked into the building and Michael was standing there and he’s like, ‘Where were you? Vince wants to sit with you. He wants you to explain all this ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ shit to him from start to finish.. She wants to know everything. You’re going to have probably 20 or 30 minutes face to face with him. You have to tell him the origin of this character.

“So we went in and I talked to Vince, which was probably my favorite interaction with him. He was like, ‘Okay, has Michael told you what we’re going to do? We’re going to try to do this. It’s ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy, right? Let’s do something. I have some ideas and I think this is going to be good. We’ll see what we can do with the name. I know there was a problem with that. I haven’t seen it, so I want you to tell me everything. I just know that these people, these bastards, keep saying ‘DELETE’. It’s been almost a year and they keep saying ‘DELETE’ so let’s give them what they want“Matt Hardy recalled, seeing Vince’s surprised face with the chants of the fans.

Matt explained to VInce how his character was born and why: “I tried to create a different place for myself, where it wasn’t just normal wrestling. It was definitely something outside of that. I think the more remote the place where I do things, the better it feels, the more natural it feels.. This is how this character is the most successful if you want to get the most out of it. The concept of space and time was the one I used with Vince. ‘Oh, space and time? So this character would do promos in a “Planetarium”‘, he asked me. I replied: Well, I don’t know.” Vince said: ‘Space and time sounds good’. He spoke to me about that subject three or four times. I will never forget. It was fun”.

“So anyway,” Matt Hardy continued. “Like 32 minutes is the time we were there talking about all of this and really tried to explain things. I am aware of my other characters and have lived in different places around the world. I have great appreciation for Vince because he sat and listened to everything. He seemed open to it all. Half the time he looked at me like I was a fucking lunatic, but he listened every minute”, were the conclusions that Hardy drew about Vince.

In All Elite Wrestling tried to recreate the character, but the arrival of the global pandemic of COVID-19, plus the null attendance of fans to the venues due to the mandatory quarantine, made the character somewhat boring and without interaction, so he discarded it completely. Today, with the return of Jeff at his side, he establishes himself as “The Hardys” in the AEW tag team division.

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