Lembo and the world in a tavern. “With him the VIPs danced on the tables” – Corriere.it

from Michela Proietti

Capri, Carlo Rossella’s stories about his missing friend. Diego Della Valle: we will meet there to remember him

The greatness of Guido Lembo was to give everyone the famous 15 minutes of fame: whoever went up to sing on his stage was crowned in a certain way. Carlo Rossella, journalist and bon vivant writer, remembers the nights in the tavern – as the habitues call Anema and Core – together with his friend Guido, who passed away on Thursday evening after a long illness, and whose funeral will be celebrated today on the island of Capri. I think the best way to remember it now is to talk about the good things. Like when we friends telephoned him and asked him: How are you doing in Capri? and he replied: What do I tell you … You must ven!

The intuition to open a place different from the others was born in New York, as Lembo himself told in the book published by Rizzoli heart and soul. I went to the Baraoonda, they were all on the tables dancing. I decided: “I do my place like this.” The encounter with a vacant tavern, the initial fear (and who fills it?), The immediate success. Entering the world of Guido Lembo meant identifying with a part, because he himself was an actor, says Rossella. The glue was Neapolitan music: this scenography included the wooden tables where gin and tonic and champagne were served and those stools on which one had to jump on, among Germans who sang Luna Rossa and Scapricciatiello in the language of Goethe, he remembers Rossella. The intuition had been to make the Neapolitan verse less melodramatic, thanks to some license. The brushstroke with a sexual background colored the repertoire, like the singing allusions: “And if Carlo Rossella tonight vulesse c …”.

If Guido’s answer was: “Nun can do it” I felt like a rag, but if he sang “He can, he can!”, I was a chosen one! . Guido Lembo himself boasted of having sang the goliardic song also to Prince Albert of Monaco and probably to an endless list of clients, from Diego Armando Maradona to Katy Perry, from Jennifer Lopez to Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who chose the tavern in 2001 to celebrate his victory in the 2001 Formula 1 world championship with Ferrari. We were all at Anema and Core: Michael Schumacher, Jean Todt. It was a wonderful evening, recalls Montezemolo.

Social networks have also been populated with memories, photos, anecdotes. Dear Guido, you managed to make entire generations dance on the tables, the film producer tweeted Aurelio de Laurentiis. Guido Lembo threw the stone, but did not hide his hand. Like when he invited Tyson to take off his shirt and flex his muscles on stage: the boxer replied that if he wanted to see him shirtless he had to go to a fight. Then Tom Cruise, Aznavour, Renzo Arbore, Beyonc and Jay-Z, Lucio Dalla and Naomi.

In the tavern the very chic Capri sandals were abandoned in favor of heels 12, it was necessary to conquer the stage and make the move to Sophia, accompanied by a drum roll. But no one would have talked about catcalling: women were the queens and we men succubus – notes Rossella -. We wore loafers and a pullover over our shoulders to be up to par. A place where the atmosphere of a bar crossed that of a saloon. When my American friends Leonardo DiCaprio and Lanny Kravitz they passed through Capri, after dinner, they asked me to go to Anema e Core, says Diego Della Valle, president and CEO of Tod’s, Lembo’s longtime friend. Sometimes at the end of the evening we would go fishing: the thing that made him most proud was seeing his son Gianluigi singing in his place and having a huge success, with the tavern getting fuller. Ours was a friendship cemented by irony: we friends promised ourselves to find ourselves in the tavern and remember it by singing “and if tonight Guido vulesse …”.

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