Last chance: all the successes that Netflix drops this May

end of this month Netflix remove from its platform different productions that, despite being successful, they are not original from the company: this occurs within the framework of an aggressive strategy to prop up own content to the detriment of other films and series whose production was not carried out by Netflix.

Netflix: the unmissable movie that lasts 90 minutes and stars Morgan Freeman

Netflix: the captivating miniseries of 10 chapters that does not stop growing

This is why the platform streaming usually delete every month options of other studies from your catalog in order to position their products even better, and the month of May is no exception: all the successes that Netflix will remove or already removed from its catalog at the end of the month.


Among the films and series that Netflix has already released this month, there are hits such as The Da Vinci Codeone of the great successes in the long career of the actor Tom Hanks. The feature film, based on the novel by Dan Brown, tells the story of robert langdona specialist in religious iconography in search of the Holy Grail.

On the other hand, for lovers of terror, The witchstarring Anya TaylorJoy, also came out of the catalog. The film tells the story of a family expelled from their community who moves to the side of the forest inhabited by a scary witch.

Also no longer available on Netflix the current classic of science fiction Ex Machina. This thriller looks at how the development of technology can play against humanity and, at the time, generated a strong controversy.


  • The Da Vinci Code (Movie)
  • The Witch (Movie)
  • Ex-Machina (Movie)
  • Year One (Movie)
  • Goosebumps 2 (Movie)
  • The Devil’s Mistress (Movie)
  • Love Song (Movie)
  • The Castle of Cagliostro (Movie)
  • Kayla’s Life (Movie)
  • Knights of the Zodiac: The Lost Canvas (Series)
  • Parasyte: The Maxim (Series)
  • An Indecent Proposal (Movie)
  • Blood, Sweat and Glory (Movie)
  • Strangers from Hell (Series)
  • Treason Game (Movie)
  • The Purge: Election Year (Movie)
  • The Boss (Movie)
  • Perfect Notes (Movie)
  • Most Perfect Grades (Movie)
  • Unknown Identity (Movie)
  • The Bourne Supremacy (Movie)
  • Bourne: Ultimatum (Movie)
  • Jason Bourne (Movie)
  • The Guests (Movie)
  • American Pie: Reunion (Movie)
  • Delete Friend (Movie)
  • Home: There’s No Home Like Home (Movie)
  • Death Race 3 (Movie)
  • Just for couples (Movie)
  • The Puppet (Movie)
  • The Return of the Magical Lullaby (Movie)
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Movie)
  • In the Valley of Violence (Movie)
  • Invading Neighbors (Movie)
  • Special: First Football 20 years (Series)
  • One by one, all the movies that will no longer be available on netflix in May

    • MAY 22: The Cult (Movie) and Twin Peaks (Series)
    • MAY 23: Ares (Movie)
    • MAY 24: Hyper Hardboiled Gourmet Report (Documentary Series)
    • MAY 27: The Cat in the Hat: He knows a lot about it (Series)
    • MAY 28: 2 Alone in Paris (Movie)
    • MAY 29: Rangoon (Series)
    • MAY 31: Bad Blood (Series)

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