Kim Kardashian’s children’s car collection is spectacular

Kim Kardashian is not satisfied with having a collection of high-end carsamong them a Mercedes Benz that costs almost 500 thousand euros, a Lamborghini Urus (171,500 euros), a Rolls Royce Ghost (304,000 euros) and, her favorite, a Maybach Sedan (249,000 euros), which she herself has defined as her ” most prized possessions. Now the children of the millionaire also have a small collection of luxury miniature cars and their own city to walk around.

Kim Kardashian’s children’s car collection

Kanye West’s ex built a small city, in the garden of his mansion, so that his children could play. The space is called ‘Lil Hidden Hills’ and in it children can enjoy a Lego castle, slides, ATMs and at the same time ride around in their large collection of luxury cars. The miniature city is the size of an ordinary house and is located in the courtyard of the mansion, valued at 60 million dollars.

Kim Kardashian’s children can enjoy the streets of the small city created to scale for them. They drive the cars on the main street that has headlights, a marked road and even traffic lights. There are also shops, a boutique and a pink candy castle. At the entrance of the town there is a sign that welcomes them with an arch that has a fake watchtower. The four young children of the businesswoman and the rapper can also enjoy slides, a Lego castle and even ATMs.

Kim Kardashian’s children’s car collection

In a photo posted on his Instagram account, Kim showed off her little ones’ car collection, made up of replicas of cars from luxury brands such as Ferrari, Mustang, Lamborghini or Mercedes G-Wagon, among other jewels that only little North, Psalm, Chicago and Saint enjoy. It is not surprising that the little ones in the house also have a collection of high-end mini cars, when the Kardashian family has one of the most impressive collections of luxury cars in the world, which exceeds 100 copies. They maintain such extravagant tastes as having three cars painted, for an amount of almost 100 thousand euros, to combine them with the new color of the mansion of the owner of the firm ‘Skims’.

In the photos of the children’s car collection, the presence of a red Ferrari is observed. Fortunately, the children of the businesswoman can count on a Ferrari, an option that is not viable for her since The Italian brand entered Kim Kardashian on the blacklist and cannot acquire any vehicle from the firm, nor pay all the money in the world. The Italian company reserves the right of admission on which celebrities or personalities have access to buy a car of the luxurious and recognized brand. Ferrari removed the Kardashian from its list of possible buyers for having received a brand car as a gift from a financial swindler, which goes against the rules of the famous firm.

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