Key products to strengthen and maintain fine hair

Like everything in life, having fine hair has its pros and cons. The truth is that a thin hair care is beautiful, malleable and silky, but that is the point, getting it hydrated and strong is quite a challenge. This type of hair tends to break more than others, it is usually smooth and with little volume. This, although it is difficult, not impossible! There are suitable products to achieve well-groomed, shiny and not yet brittle hair, having the hair fiber fine. From the mythical step-by-step products of Olaplex To Jennifer Aniston’s already acclaimed brand, LolaVie, we offer you a series of products so that you can get the most out of your fine and delicate hair.

Blonde girl with fine wavy hair
Photo: engin-akyurt on Unsplash

Another well-known actress who has fine and straight hair is the Australian Margot Robbie. The young woman has natural blonde hair with highlights and very fine hair. This means that she has to take great care of it, since many times, what bleaching does is make this type of hair even more fragile.

Actress Margot Robbie and her fine hair
Actress Margot Robbie / Photo: Getty Images

LolaVie, Jennifer Aniston’s prodigious hair brand

Jennifer Aniston in the campaign of her brand LalaVie
Jennifer Aniston / Photo: LolaVie

The mythical interpreter of Rachel Green in friends she has fine hair and that has made her always want to look for solutions. She took about 5 years to create your own hair signature and, it is already a success. A brand that currently has a star product: a light mist -ideal for fine hair- that does not weigh down the hair and, in addition to facilitating combing, provides volume and body.

Key products to strengthen (and maintain) fine hair
Jennifer Aniston / Photo: LolaVie

Olaplex and its effectiveness

Olaplex number 3
Photo: Olaplex

It can be said that Olaplex products are (almost) the best thing that can happen to fine hair. Its products, which are numbered and, using them in order will make the results impeccable, above all they prevent the hair fiber from breaking.


Photo: Ouai
Photo: Ouai

The fine hair set by OUAI is designed to instantly add volume to lifeless hair. A shampoo and conditioner come together to revitalize fine hair, promoting a full-bodied result that will turn heads.

A fancy comb…

Mason Pearson Premium Brush
Photo: Mason Pearson

We could not fail to include Mason Pearson brushes in this article. It is a product that is much more than a comb. It is a treatment in itself. Its bristles evenly distribute the natural oils of the hair. It is a great fat for the hair which gives it strength, shine and flexibility. It also prevents frizz and keeps the ends sealed. In addition, it suits all hair types, including complicated fine hair.

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