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Born in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 2, 1964, the son of Patricia Taylor and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr. The life of Keanu Reaves It is marked by hard times and loss of loved ones from which it was difficult to recover.

His biological father was in prison for selling drugs. He was a violent man who constantly abused the actor. The last time they had contact, the Canadian artist was 13 years old.

With the estrangement from his father and the move from Beirut to New York, Keanu Reeves he thought he would recover his calm, but it did not happen. His mother’s romantic partners, who worked as a stripper, also physically and psychologically abused him, as did his sisters Kim and Emma Reeves, and his half-sister Karina Miller.

Health problems

Some time later, the Lebanese actor suffered a severe blow when he learned that his sister Kim had leukemia. Fortunately, the young woman managed to overcome the disease.

After appearing in numerous television programs and in films of little critical and commercial repercussion, Reeves landed his first major role as Scott Favor in “My Own Private Idaho” (1991), along with River Phoenix with whom he began a great friendship.

Two years later, in 1993, River Phoenix died of an overdose. Keanu In an interview, he assured that he often thinks about him and that he could possibly have done more to prevent him from continuing to use drugs.

Despite the painful loss, Keanu He continued with his rising acting career. He added new productions to his artistic work, among them: “dracula”, “Speed”, The Devil’s Advocate” Y “The Matrix”.

Lost of loved ones

In that period of time, Keanu met his girlfriend Jennifer Syme. The young woman became pregnant, but the pregnancy was interrupted at eight months of gestation. The baby died in her mother’s womb.

Just a few months later, a new tragedy engulfed the actor: his girlfriend lost her life in a traffic accident. This fact left Keanu plunged into a great depression. “Many need happiness to be able to live, I don’t”, assured the actor once.

New opportunity

After nearly two decades of being single, on a red carpet in 2018, the actor was spotted alongside visual artist Alexandra Grant, with whom he has been friends for several years.

As you realize Good Showthe “Matrix” star was seen at a jewelry store in Los Angeles, selecting a diamond ring with which he proposed marriage to Grant, privately. The romantic request for a hand would have been made after the couple returned from a trip to Europe, where the actor was filming consecutive films.

Who is Alexandra Grant, the mysterious and talented girlfriend of Keanu Reeves
Who is Alexandra Grant, the mysterious and talented girlfriend of Keanu Reeves

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