Kardashian show in Portofino, waiting for Kourtney’s wedding

After dinner, the couple returned aboard the yacht that hosts them. They were often hand in hand and the couple exchanged a kiss at the dinner where there was no lack of other family members: the sisters Kendall and Kylie Kenner with a black and white look and knee-high boots, three months after the birth of the second child had by Travis Scott, in addition to his mother Kris.

On Travis’ side there will also be his son Landon and the members of his band. Mark Hoppus, leader of the historic band, met Fedez in recent days in Milan: «I wrote to him when I discovered I had a tumor, he too had a similar experience».

The musician is among the close friends of the clan Kardashian for a long time, from before the separation from his ex-wife. Their relationship was confirmed in January 2021, and they have often appeared together on public occasions ever since. Last October there was the marriage proposal.

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