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Mark Zuckerberg has made the opening of the WhatsApp Cloud API official: this is what it means.

Mark Zuckerberg himself, CEO of Meta, has announced on his Facebook profile one of the biggest changes in the history of WhatsApp as an instant messaging platform: from now on, any company, regardless of its size or its location in the worldyou will have access to the WhatsApp Cloud APU.

This move will allow developers and companies build user experiences on top of the messaging platformwith the aim of giving customers greater ease when contracting or acquiring their services and products.

Screenshot of one of the functions of the WhatsApp API.

With the WhatsApp Cloud API, developers have more features at their disposal.

WhatsApp Cloud API: Greater Freedom and Flexibility for Businesses

The announcement of the arrival of the WhatsApp Cloud API comes shortly after the first clues were given about the platform’s new subscription model, called WhatsApp Premium and aimed at companies.

The opening of this API implies great changes for companies. In Zuckerberg’s words, thanks to it “it will allow companies and developers to build on WhatsApp to personalize their experiences and respond to customers quickly and easily.”

WhatsApp API Cloud Screenshots

The WhatsApp Cloud API can be supplemented with some paid features, such as customizable links or the ability to manage chats on up to 10 devices.

Through the official Meta development blog, some of the possibilities that this API opens up for developers and companies are defined. For example, him time needed to start a project is reduced to just a few minutesand server costs disappear thanks to direct access to WhatsApp functions.

In addition to that, in WhatsApp they are already working on other functions such as ability to manage chats on up to 10 different devicesor customizable WhatsApp links such as “wa.me/companyname”.

These functions will be available within the WhatsApp Business payment method known as WhatsApp Premium. Others will be offered for free together with the WhatsApp Cloud API.

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