John Krasinski claims to have seen the film dozens of times

More than 15 years have passed since the premiere of “The devil dresses in fashion” and there is no way it will go out of style. This was confirmed John Krasinskiwho confirmed having seen the film more than 70 times on television.

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For those who do not remember, the film directed by David Frankel features the appearance of Emily Blunt in the role of “Emily” the experienced assistant of “Miranda Priesly” (Meryl Streep) and partner of “Andrea”.

Due to the great admiration for his wifethe 42-year-old actor has had no problem watching dozens of times the popular tape which first hit the screen in 2006.

“Probably I’ve seen that movie 70 times because it’s on cable every day like six times a day. While you’re channel surfing, you just stop every time they’re playing it,” John Krasinski shared in an interview with Variety.

During the conversation, the actor, director and screenwriter of “A quiet place” revealed that rarely has he had the opportunity to see her with Emily Bluntas both consider it a bit uncomfortable to see themselves acting.

“I’ve seen her with her once or twice, but it’s not the most comfortable thing to do to make her see herself in a movie. But it’s that good. Usually it is in bits and pieces. We’ll see 15 minutes or wherever it is on cable.” John Krasinski, the interpreter of Mr. Fantastic.

More than a decade after its premiere, “The Devil Dresses in Fashion” continues to be one of the favorite comedy movies of the audience. With a star cast and a fresh and relaxed plot, it will always be a good choice to keep you entertained and in a good mood.

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