Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, the prenuptial agreement with the alleged hot clause

According to what some US media reports, J.Lo would have had a clause in the prenuptial contract with which he would require at least four weekly sexual intercourse from the future spouse. Fake news or protection not only of monetary assets but also of one’s sexual life? Or fear of his potential infidelity? Social media and the media are unleashed in various hypotheses, assumptions and debates

The news that is going around the world, started by some US media and immediately went viral, is that of the prenuptial agreement between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck with which J.Lo seems to be more concerned about preserving her sex life rather than her heritage monetary. Heritage that is around 400 million dollars, so certainly something to protect …

If prenuptial agreements are usually signed mostly for economic reasons, to protect bank accounts with multiple zeros in the Olympic circles, in the case of the future official “Bennifer” label to be affixed on the intercom to make news is one clause among many, the one according to which she would have inserted the promise with which the husband-to-be would undertake to satisfy her sexually at least four times a week …
It is not known whether this clause is true or not, although Hollywood has by now made us feel the callus regarding the follies written in black and white in the pre-wedding contracts.

Fake news or not? This is the dilemma


JLo and Ben Affleck engaged? Meanwhile, she shows off the ring

In reality it would seem more like a fake news daughter of slightly spicy romance novels, given that to bring it back to the stars and stripes media there would seem to be no very authoritative sources … However, very authoritative newspapers of the Italian panorama, such as Vanity Fair Italy And I Womanreport this tasty news of the spicy clause, but they too note how this could actually be just a rumor.

The wedding proposal is instead confirmed news, which came to cheer us all a couple of weeks ago. The marriage then if you have to do, to quote (crippling) the words of one of Don Rodrigo’s talents addressed to Don Abbondio. The two betrothed should become such by the end of 2022.

But to remove the scene from the day of the fateful yes arrive in these hours the four days of the fateful yes, pass the joke … The prenuptial contract with the hot claim of Jennifer Lopez everyone likes, certainly above all Ben Affleck.

Although the rumor about the alleged spicy note has already been around the globe, those directly involved have not expressed themselves, so this news has not been denied or confirmed. What is the rule of silent assent valid? Or does Oscar Wilde’s rule apply, that everything is okay (even falsehoods) as long as you talk about it?

Meanwhile, overseas, the media do not miss an opportunity to take any news of this kind head on, with extreme seriousness and rigor, opening a debate on how sensible or not it is to “force” sex into a marriage, inserting a clause of this type. On social networks as well as in many American newspapers, the topic on the agenda is precisely this: how making sexual life routine can extinguish that fundamental spark, the very basis of ardor by its very definition …

Perhaps the clause hides a fear of potential infidelity


Jennifer Lopez talks about Ben Affleck’s marriage proposal

According to Esquire, if Jennifer Lopez really did include this bizarre clause in the prenup, perhaps it could conceal a fear of her related to his potential infidelity. In short, Esquire it spoils the party, in the sense that it offers food for thought that makes us frown from the laugh (and mischievous smile), implying that perhaps it is not so light, tasty and positive news.

Perhaps scheduling four marital intercourse on a weekly basis would remove the risk of possible horns, since if a couple satisfies each other four times a week, the chances of seeking sexual satisfaction outside the nest decrease.
And then J.Lo’s recent past has been reopened and sifted again: many have remembered how the pop star left the ex, Alex Rodriguez, almost on the altar, precisely because of his betrayals.
The former baseball player seems to have been unfaithful, which is why she has decided to give him the welcome one step away from the orange blossom.

From the frying pan to the grill? We say this because Ben Affleck is famous for having been a Casanova in the past. He also confessed that he was addicted not only to alcohol but also to sex. As reported Vanity Fair“It seems that he asked his ex-wife Jennifer Garner to accompany him on the set to avoid the risk of flirting with colleagues”.

So if there really was this clause of four sexual intercourse a week and if it were an anti-infidelity point, this “weapon” would turn out to be quite close to the one unsheathed by Jessica Biel when she signed the prenuptial agreement before marrying. Justin Timberlake. According to Esquirein fact, the actress would receive $ 500,000 for each husband’s infidelity.

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