How to train your voice to sing thanks to apps

How to train your voice to sing thanks to apps

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The hot season has now arrived, and the radios are ready to broadcast what will become the hits of summer 2022to be played in the car to pass the wait in traffic or within the walls of the house. Sing on the other hand, it has many benefits on the body at a physical and mental level: it releases endorphins, the so-called “happiness hormones”, relaxes, lowers blood pressure and helps breathing just to name a few. If singing is on the list of new passions to cultivate, here’s how learn to sing with apps using the smartphone.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

One of the most used apps for singing, it is available for free for both iOS and Android devices. In free version only some songs and features are available, in that “Vip“The entire music catalog is unlocked – over 10 million songs – and many other features that involve the entire Smule community. Subscribing to the app costs € 3.49 per month, € 27.99 a year.

Between functionality available are:

  • Possibility to register alone, as a duet, in a group or in a capella
  • “Duet” with celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato or with characters from Disney movies
  • Add predefined or customized audio and visual effects
  • Autotune to improve your voice
  • Ability to perform live with Sing Live and create music videos


SingSnap it is a real community in which to hone one’s singing skills. The app provides a vast catalog of songs and audio technology to enhance performance, and allows you to record and share your videos. It is downloadable and usable for free for iOS and Android, and among the features it counts:

  • Audio enhancement tools created by professional audio engineers
  • Video or audio recording only
  • Creation of duets with other users
  • Sharing selected
  • Playlist creation with all your favorite recordings

Sing Sharp

Sing Sharp is a ‘app to sing on smartphone which is not only fun, but also an effective tool to improve and learn more about music.

The app is available for free on the App Store or Play Store, and once installed it provides a long list of exercises to discover all the characteristics of your voice and train it. The app analyzes voice and breathing and provides the “response”, then indicating the best workouts to do daily to get the best results.

The training packages focus on several areas, from sing the high notes to harmonization, from vibrato to ear training, from a cappella singing to the study of the diaphragm and vocal cords.

All results and progress come sign in, and the app provides a report of improvements and pain points. You can also download your favorite song and use it for practice. Again, one is available free version and a paid one with more features.

Vox Tools

Vox Tools is a kind of “coach“which helps improve voice and vocality, also designed for beginners. The app counts on a guided training section, with programs created by vocal coaches and exercises for men and womenso as to differentiate programs and training and make them customized according to the tone of your voice.

The app, created by professional singers, also tracks progress and even has a virtual piano – it’s available for free for iOS and Android.

Sing True

“The app that teaches anyone to sing,” says the description, it is indeed Sing True it was designed to convey the basics. The interface allows you to choose between different types of exercises, those for train hearing, mind or voice, and to practice keeping track of progress. It is a less playful and more “professional” app, which teaches to recognize notes and reproduce them and provides notions (basic or advanced) of music.

SingTrue offers beyond 30 interactive exercises, and using the smartphone microphone and sophisticated signal processing, it analyzes the singing and provides personal feedback on how it can be improved. The exercises have been designed by experts, and track your progress in detail to show your voice improvement. It is only available for iOS from the App Store.


StarMaker is an app that counts on one music community very wide and which gives the possibility to sing alone or in a group, whether it is friends, relatives or other users who share the same musical tastes. The “Pitch” functionality allows you to modify the performance by “filing” flaws and imperfections, and the music catalog is vast and constantly updated.

StarMaker is an app that counts on a very large music community and that gives the possibility to sing alone or in a group, whether it is friends, relatives or other users who share the same musical tastes. The functionality “Pitch“allows you to modify the performance by” filing “flaws and imperfections, and the music catalog is vast and constantly updated.

StarMaker features differ depending on the subscription packages “VIP”, which unlock unlimited access to new weekly releases and our catalog of premium songs. One week costs € 7.99, one month 18.99, three months 43.99.

Among the features of StarMaker, downloadable for iOS and Android:

  • Choice of favorite songs from Italian and international hits
  • Recording of songs with various vocal effects such as Distant, Warm, Vinyl, Party, Fascinating etc.
  • Edit videos with filters
  • Duet, to record together with a friend or another singer, or Family, to sing with other artists who share the same tastes
  • Singing room to practice with more friends


Yokee is another app that draws on YouTube’s vast music catalog to learn how to sing with apps. The songs are chosen from the “songbook”, which indicates all the songs available alongside the “Sing” button, and once you have chosen the song you can record your version and share it on social networks.

The app also allows you to tune in to the TV and organize a real karaoke night with friends at home. Obviously, in order to use Yonkee you need to have the official YouTube app installed on your phone and thus access all the songs. Once done, you just have to download the Yokee app, on the App Store or Play Store.

Karaoke Online

The funniest way to learn to sing: this one karaoke app it can be used alone or in company, and helps to refine the singing technique without forgetting that singing is first of all fun.

Karaoke Online is a karaoke app available only for android which draws on karaoke videos posted on YouTube. The application allows you to sing all the songs available for free, and also to record performances on the device memory. The app downloads for free.

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