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The questions that brides often ask their partners, by which they measure how faithful are their boyfriendsthey can result in a problem that leaves the boy in a dead end, since any answer could generate conflicts in the relationship.

This was the case for a young Twitter user who went viral by forcing her boyfriend to choose between two options, which tested the boy’s fidelity.

The user is called @chaamimazera, who wrote the following on her birdie social network account: “I told my boyfriend: what do you choose, kiss me for $100 or kiss the most beautiful for $100 thousand”. Faced with that question, the boy had to respond quickly and assertively. His response was that the decision to be made was “very difficult”.

With great cunning, the girl doubled the bet and assured him, dryly: “It is not a difficult decision, because it is supposed that for me it would be the most beautiful”. Neither stupid nor lazy, the young man played it with an answer that could have ruined her relationship, but the girl had no choice but to agree with him and be content with that. “The prettiest is Jennifer Aniston.”the boyfriend replied.

Finally, in the viral Twitter thread, she acknowledged that her partner’s response was very ingenious and she only managed to say that she could not find “Flaws in your logic, because every human being would say the same thing”. However, she left the controversy open with what he wrote later. “But… (followed by a horns hand emoji)”.

The highlighted comments of the tweet

The other users of the social network left their opinions about what happened and joined the controversy of the girl’s uncomfortable question to her “half orange”. Many women agreed that what the boy had answered had been correct. “The prettiest, obviously, you are the queen”; “Man of good taste”; “Sorry, but your boyfriend is right”; “And… good logic”; “Sorry, but nobody beats Jeniffer Aniston”; And… she is the ultimate woman. What do you want?; “I couldn’t be mad at her answer”; “I agree… with the boyfriend.”

On the other hand, a girl said that she asked her boyfriend the same question and that she got an equally devastating result. “I did the same thing to my boyfriend, he replied that I was the prettiest, I finished reading your tweet, and he tells me – you looked at me like that, then you scared me, but I was going to answer the same as that skinny guy”wrote that girl in the comments.

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