Epic Games will boost the metaverse in Fortnite with this new alliance

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Epic Games, developers of Fortnite, have created important alliances to work in the metaverse. In past months, it confirmed agreements with KIRKBI, owners of LEGO, and Sony to create interactive and innovative experiences for players.

The company is still looking for partners to make this project a reality and its efforts have already yielded results. This morning confirmed a new alliance with WPP, a company specialized in creative transformation. The companies will join forces with one goal: to create a “new era of digital experiences” that will be part of the metaverse.

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Epic Games and WPP will bet everything on the metaverse

Through a statement, the companies explained that they will create a new training program so that WPP employees can create unique and personalized experiences in Fortnite. This implies that they will also receive advice on the use of Unreal Engine.

The goal is for your creatives, executives, and media experts to become familiar with the metaverse. This is not the first time that the companies have worked together, as they previously collaborated to create an island for Fortnite at the request of adidas.

So in the future they will continue to offer similar projects to gamers, and work with other big name brands interested in the metaverse. This includes companies from industries like fashion, music, film, video games, and more.

“WPP teams will be able to leverage training and tools to create new experiences in Fortnite, where creators can create imaginative worlds for brands within one of the world’s most popular online games,” they explained in the statement.

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Find more information about the metaverse at this link. You can visit this page if you want to know other news about Epic Games and its games.

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