Diego Aguirre very close to Cruz Azul

Diego Aguirre will become Cruz Azul’s coach “at any moment”; In previous days he met with the Chivas board, however, he was ruled out of his options due to the high salary

The Uruguayan Diego Aguirre will become, “at any moment” the new coach of Blue Crossaccording to information provided by Jorge Ramos and his Band in ESPN.

The arrival of the helmsman from Porto Alegre International to Blue Cross will have a ‘carom’ effect on the MX League Well, days ago, there was speculation about the arrival of Aguirre to Chivas after a meeting with his sports director, sports director, Ricardo Pelaezin Guadalajarahowever, the technician’s salary took him away from the Flock, so Richard Chain remains the viable option for the rojiblancos.

Sources consulted by ESPN confirmed that the directive Blue Cross he does have his sights on Aguirre. The informants said that the cement board had the intention of looking for a coach in South America, as well as having a deck of strategists who have already managed in Liga MX before.

After representing clubs like Peñarol and River Plate during his career as a footballer, Diego Aguirre began his career on the bench in 2002 with Plaza Colonia.

Just one season later Aguirre returned to Peñarol as coach and won the Uruguayan league as his first laurel from the bench (2003) and repeated in 2009 after his return to the aurinegro club, after directing Aucas in Ecuador (2006), Wanderers, ( 2007), Alianza Lima (2007) and the Uruguay Sub-20 team (2007-09).

Other distinctions that Diego Aguirre enjoys in his record are the Qatar Cup (2012), the Sheikh Jassem Cup (2012-2013) and the Emir of Qatar Cup (2013), all with Al-Rayyan.

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