Cinthia Fernández was angry at the censorship on Instagram and shot Britney Spears

It’s been a long time since Cynthia Fernandez fight against censorship on instagram. But a few hours ago a drop broke the camel’s back: they removed a post “for breaking community standards”. The striking thing was that in the image in question his daughters appeared as children without a shirt. outraged, pointed against the social network and claimed: “Why are they not going to see the photo of Britney Spears”.

He first shared a screenshot of the notice informing about the removal of the post. “You understand? A photo of my daughters! Instagram and the patient who reports me -I already know who she is- are already off topic. It would show 100 ball photo stories that are uploaded. What a shame, how mean they are. You can’t even match me by doing that, stupid, ”she expressed indignantly and hinting that she knows there is a person behind this.

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Cinthia Fernández's posts angry with Instagram (Photo: Instagram /cinthia_fernandez_).
Cinthia Fernández’s posts angry with Instagram (Photo: Instagram /cinthia_fernandez_).

In a second story, he gave the example of the princess of pop who recently surprised with a total nude in one of his posts. “Why don’t they go see Britney’s picture?… How ridiculous are they please! And what scratches, “she questioned annoyed.

Britney Spears's last post on Instagram (Photo: Capture / britneyspears)
Britney Spears’s last post on Instagram (Photo: Capture / britneyspears)

On other occasions, the media explained that this is a big problem for her who works with social networks, because Instagram hides the views as a penalty.

Cinthia Fernández repudiated the selective censorship of Instagram

As a thank you for the greetings you received on your 45th birthday, Stephen Lamothe He uploaded a photo that took all his followers by surprise. in the snapshot he can be seen completely naked and surrounded by animals in a field. The publication resisted the censorship that Instagram usually applies to this type of content and that generated an unexpected claim from Cynthia Fernandez.

Esteban Lamothe received a spicy comment from Ángela Leiva on his photo with his tail in the air.  (Photo: instagram/estebanlamothe)
Esteban Lamothe received a spicy comment from Ángela Leiva on his photo with his tail in the air. (Photo: instagram/estebanlamothe)

A woman uploads a photo without being seen and Instagram sanctions you, shits you and hides the views because she allegedly commits a crimeand on top of that in the comments you are a PUT…”, the panelist from Moment D (eltrece) in this kind of discharge. And he added: “Now a man uploads the same thing and nothing happens and on top of the comments he is an idol! Why ‘what’?”

Cinthia Fernández was censored on Instagram for a photo and shot Britney Spears

Quickly, many Twitter users agreed with the media. “Because the cultural gaze is on the female body, female behavior and what women say. Patriarchal society is called”, limited @grogines.

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