Chivas squad sang the National Anthem, except for one player

The attacker Leslie Ramírez was caught on the Guadalajara bench without singing the anthem while her teammates did

This Friday in the first leg of the Final of the Women’s MX Leaguethe front of the Chivas, Leslie Ramirezwas caught on the bench without singing the national anthem while the rest of her companions did.

This situation drew attention Guadalajara traditionally he usually plays only with mexicans.

However, the case of Ramirez is different from the rest because at the international level it represents the Guatemalan National Team even though he had the chance to play for Mexicothe place of origin of his father, or the United States, the country in which he was born.

Ramirez chose to Guatemala to fulfill the promise she had made to her mother: “I feel close to my mother who spent almost her entire life here. I hope she is seeing me and is happy,” she declared after debuting with the Central American team.

When her hire was announced, the Chivas issued a statement to make it clear that their tradition of playing with mexicans: “[…] She is Mexican by birth according to Political Constitution of Mexico and can integrate the Women’s team of the Sports Club Guadalajara, according to its statutes. Nevertheless, Leslie it is National Team of Guatemala Y Chivas will not ask you to waive that right.”

Besides, Ramirez complies with Article 30 paragraph A) of the Political Constitution of the United States mexicans which indicates the following:

“Are mexicans by birth:
I. Those born in the territory of the Republic, regardless of the nationality of their parents.
II. Those born abroad, children of parents mexicansof a Mexican mother or of a Mexican father“.

The attacker played the first two games of the Guatemalan National Team in Concacaf Qualifier W, against the US Virgin Islands and Curaçao. He scored a brace in the first match.

Ramirez debuted with Chivas on March 18, during the 3-0 win over Tijuana, coming on as a substitute at minute 80, instead of Carolina Jaramillo, who scored a brace. The other as much Chivas Cassandra Montero did it.

Those were his only 10 minutes of action in Clausura 2022.

In the past, Ramirez has made reference to the situation of his nationality when playing with Chivas while representing a country other than Mexico.

“Before being Mexican, Guatemalan or American, I am a person and that is the most important thing for me, that respect, affection, love. As a person, that is what I can ask for and they have shown me that from day one”.

“The fans too, they send me many messages. They welcome me with great affection. I like to pay attention to positive things and good things. The fans, the coaches and my teammates have shown me a lot of love and a lot of patience, especially because of my situation”.

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