caught after abusing 26 children he met through ‘Fortnite’

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The parents of one of the minors realized that he had the Skype application installed on his brother’s mobile. Also that, in the video game Fortniteto which he connected from time to time to enjoy games on the Internet, the 9-year-old boy had certain improvements or elements that, in principle, he should not have.

This fact alerted the parents, who asked the son what it was. The minor told his parents that he had been “a friend of Fortnite. Playing games with him on the network, he had given him several improvements in exchange for making video calls with him.

With the innocence of such a young age, without being aware of being the victim of a very serious crime, the boy told them that this individual asked him through video calls to undress for him.

The parents put the matter in the hands of the authorities. And that’s how he Department Against Cybercrime of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard turned to this case in which they would come to discover and arrest Aldo Maximiliano, a 42-year-old Italian-Argentine pederast, based in Malaga with a history of 22 sexual crimes against minors and two others for exhibitionism.

Now, in the same way as the boy he asked to undress in front of the computer camera, investigators attribute to him the crimes of sexual abuse and recruitment against at least 26 minors for the production of child pornography.

The investigation

The head of the investigation describes to EL ESPAÑOL how the easiest thing was to locate the pedophile through that first complaint from the family of the 9-year-old boy: “It didn’t fit the parents that I had Skype. It was when they saw that he was talking to someone.” From the UCO Cybercrime Department they soon found him. “Skype and Fortnite have collaborated with us at all times, giving us a lot of information.”

Aldo Maximiliano was located in the center of Malaga. They learned that he was a guy with a long record, that he had been in jail, that now lived with his mother and advertised as a sports monitor, camp and English teacher, among other activities in which he constantly tried to interact with children between 8 and 12 years old. Which was at the end of those he allegedly abused through the video game platform on-line.

After taking the devices, the most complicated part of the investigations of the Armed Institute began. Inside their computers they found a large number of images of children. There were in them more than 2,000 files with content of a sexual nature with minors. “Once we caught him, the most complicated researchers continue was to identify the children who appeared in those photos.

They learned that for several years the detainee was forging a prolonged friendship with their potential victims. She always did it through deception and abuse of superiority. Paying them virtual gifts available on the gaming platforms, in exchange he required the minors to make a video call with him, so that they would show him their private parts and other similar types of actions.

more minor

In their accounts they found 81 payments to game user accounts. All those profiles belonged to minors. Once they agreed to pose nude before the camera, the detainee captured the screen of his mobile device, storing hundreds of images of a sexual nature of the minors.

In this way, agents of the Department Against Cybercrime of the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard, after an operation that began last July, once the facts that motivated the complaint were corroborated, gave immediate priority to this investigation before the possibility of that it was not a single case. And that it affected many more minors. “It is unfortunately something common in this type of crime and even more so in the case of minors of such young age,” they indicate from the UCO.

And so, image by image, the researchers were identifying to all the victims Aldo Maximiliano had met through video games on-line. The parents of the minors identified so far were the first surprised to be informed by the Civil Guard of the events. Several of them even assured that their children never played without adult supervision. The location of more victims is not ruled out.


Aldo Maximiliano was a pederast who, a few years ago, was released from prison after serving a sentence for 22 crimes of sexual abuse of minors and 2 of exhibitionism. He always in the city of Malaga and places near the capital of the province.

the various sentences police sources point out They were over 50 years old. They were lowered to just over 12, by unifying all the sentences. He was expelled from Spain, but returned to Andalusia, to Malaga, where he lived with his mother.

With one of the minors, he did meet in person. She met him at a nude beach after talking to the boy’s mother. These kinds of sites were quite frequented by the pederast. He was assiduous to them, in view of the material that has been intervened.

In 2007, Aldo Maximiliano was a soccer coach in the children’s category at the Mortadelo Sports Union. Back then, he was convicted and went to prison for abusing one of the boys on the team.

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