Castro medicine: Enrique Mireles

Enrique Mirales

Again. The federal government announces that Cuban doctors will be hired again. They no longer hide the need to inject resources into this dictatorship of caviar pseudo-socialists. The argument is that, according to the president, there are not enough Mexican doctors; do me a fucking favor. Who the hell is going to believe that? This is how Andrés pays the community doctor who suffered the most during the pandemic. Mexico It is the first place in the world in deaths of medical personnel due to the fight against COVID.

It was not enough that in 2020 the contracted Cuban ‘doctors’ never accredited that they were actually doctors. Today it’s worth it again Constitution; she gave him a fuck again. Article 32 clearly specifies that Mexicans will be preferred to foreigners in equal circumstances, for all kinds of concessions and for all jobs, positions or commissions.

In short, each Cuban doctor will cost more than eight times what the Mexican institutions pay nationals, there to test the water for the sweet potatoes, and as a pylon the UN it has warned that Cuban medical missions in foreign countries are classified as forced labor, since Cuban ‘doctors’ do not actually receive payment; The payment goes directly to the Castro regime, which we already know likes to spend it on iPhones and Rolexes of its leaders while people line up on the island waiting for the day’s food ration, this time, to be enough, or at least include milk. .

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