Ben Affleck gave up alcohol thanks to a movie

For several years there has been talk of the problems derived from alcohol that he has gone through Ben Affleck. On multiple occasions, the media has had a close-up of what he looks like when he has exceeded the limits. Even when the subject of his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner is brought up, one of the points that comes up is how the actor’s alcoholism ended him. And after several years of speculation and spectacle, he finally sees the light and can talk about overcoming it. He has admitted that he gave up alcohol thanks to a movie. We tell you what it is about and what she said.

Ben Affleck

In 2020 the film was released The WayBack, a film directed by Gavin O’Connor. It featured performances by Ben Affleck, Mark Ciardi, Gordon Gray and Jennifer Todd. Despite being very promising, the film was in theaters 2 weeks before the state of pandemic was declared. The critics agreed that the story was powerful, although what stood out the most was Ben’s moving performance. So much so that the public assured that she would win an Oscar, something that ultimately did not happen.

This feature film is about Jack Cunningham (Affleck). He is a former basketball star who, after years of isolating himself in alcohol, suffering and guilt, is reluctantly forced to return to basketball. Overcoming this character served as therapy for the actor himselfwho immediately felt connected to the former athlete.

Ben Affleck faced his alcoholism in front of the cameras

The WayBack has great similarities with the life of the actor of Batman. Not just because of addiction, but because of divorce and midlife complications. According to The universethe filmmaker said that: “This movie was hard to make, sometimes it was painful, and sometimes I was embarrassed.. Sometimes I couldn’t believe my life had any similarity to this.” “I knew what it felt like to be in the bondage of a compulsion that wasn’t good for me. I knew how helpless that can feel (…) but also I knew something very important, which is that people can improve. one can get ahead”, he explained in his interview.

Ben Affleck

According to O’Connor’s claims, the American he was vulnerable and, at the same time, willing to challenge his own darkness in the process. The pain she felt about it is easily glimpsed throughout the recording. However, there is a scene in which Jack apologizes to his ex-wife and it is in which the director warned that the camera would be rolling. In the second take, the interpreter let himself go, he expressed much of what he had inside. According to Gavin’s theory, they were probably words that he wanted to direct to his own ex-wife or had already done so. The truth is that the scene was cut, because very personal aspects had come to light.

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