Anne Hathaway we owe it to women

Cannes.— A portrait of the 80s under the mandate of Ronald Reagan, the racial discrimination of the time and the influence of his maternal grandfather as an immigrant are part of Armageddon Time, film about the childhood of the New York director, James Grey.

The character is placed on this terrain Anne Hathaway, who plays the mother of Paul (Gray’s character), a woman whose impulses to enter the working world are overshadowed by the circumstances of the time.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the actress said that to play esther graf She was inspired by the different generations of women that preceded her.

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“I thought about the women who didn’t get as many opportunities as they deserved. My mother was an actress, I think that if she had had a greater degree of privileges she could have gone further in her career, but she had three children and at her time there was no way to reconcile that. She chose us,” Anne recalled.

The actress, who also gave a conference at the Cannes Film Festival Alongside her co-stars Anthony Hopkins, who plays the grandfather, in addition to Banks Repeta and Jeremy Strong, she recognizes that this opportunity is one more of all those that she has won thanks to the struggle of other women who preceded her.

“I have so much freedom, now it’s important to go one step further and make sure we’re not lying to our kids when we tell them they can get anything,” she explained.

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Hathaway, director James Gray, actors Jeremy Strong, Jaylin Webb and Banks Repeta presented the film at Cannes.

The actress took the opportunity to talk about a topic that alarms her: the decision to The US Supreme Court to repeal the right to abortion, according to a draft obtained by “Politico”: “The autonomy of the human being is under fire. We cannot accept the annulment of the judgment Roe v. Wade (court case of the US Supreme Court on a woman’s freedom to have an abortion). They must have freedom of choice because when women have that right, society also has it”.

In addition to connecting with her character, who feels a deep love for her son, as she does for her own, the actress identifies with the time of the film, since she was born in 1982.

“That was the world of my earliest memories. The sensations of those years are something that have accompanied me all my life. The details are also something I can easily relate to because James grew up in Queens and I grew up in Brooklyn.”

Pending appointment with Cuarón

It is inevitable to ask Gray, being Armageddon Time, a film about his childhood, if he had seen ROMA, of Alfonso Cuaron, in which the Mexican director also explores his memories.

“He (Cuarón) is wonderful, but when ROME was released I was shooting another movie. Then when I started planning this project I didn’t want to see it until it was finished because I didn’t want to steal anything from Alfonso, even if it was accidentally. I’ll see her now!” commented the director.

Anne Hathaway
“My mother was an actress, I think that if she had had a higher degree of privilege, she could have gone further in her career.”

Anne shares credits with Anthony Hopkins (the grandfather) and Banks Repeta, as Paul (Gray) as a child.

8 FILMS make up the filmography of James Gray.

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