Angelina Jolie launches new book and accuses Brad Pitt of vicarious violence

The divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt caused great commotion in Hollywood and it could be said that, to this day, it still continues to do so. The couple of actors ended their relationship in 2019 and continue to try to resolve the many conflicts that their divorce process has become. In this, all the protagonism has fallen on the custody of their children, taking advantage of both to charge against the other whenever they have the opportunity. In the last few hours, the actress has presented her new book, specializing in vicarious violence, a subject of which she has also accused her former husband.

New accusation in the middle of the divorce process

Recently landed on social networks, Angelina Jolie has shared in one of her posts how important knowledge of this topic is, since it is “a cause I have been fighting for for years. Vicarious violence is common in many parts of the world.” The actress has also not been slow to recognize that during her marriage she experienced an episode of vicarious violence when she saw how Brad Pitt paid her with her children “by denying her voice.”

What happened in my marriage made me fear for my children, but I cannot talk about it due to the legal situation in which I find myself“, recognized in this regard. “Young people also have rights and can demand them. There is a truth that may not be known: as a young person, your rights have the same status as those of an adult. You don’t get them when you reach adulthood or when you leave home, or when you get your first job, you always have them,” he noted.

Also, in an interview with ‘Guardian‘, Angelina Jolie admitted that her divorce process with Brad Pitt was recounted in this book, where she even accused him of episodes of gender violence. One of the most regretted by the actress occurred with her son Maddox, being the actor allegedly “verbally abusive and physically. A horrible situation that did not start with the plane incident. It was much more complicated than that. I had a hard time being in a position where I felt like I had to separate myself from the father of my children for his safety,” he revealed.

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