AMLO. It is committed in Sonora to help students who seek to study medicine

With banners like “I want to be a doctor!” students Y parents they asked the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expand enrollment University of Sonora (Unison) so you can accept more young people who want study medicineto which the federal Executive promised to help them and if it is not possible, grant them scholarships in other parts of the country.

Upon arriving to supervise the progress of the Justice Plan for the Yaqui People, the Federal President asked the Governor Alfonso Durazo (Brunette) attend to the request.

“We have to keep going, but we did get them (for them to study medicine). Only one thing, if it is not here, (they will be) awarded scholarships elsewhere, but no one will be left without studying”, he guaranteed.

In an interview with the media, Carolina Salguero, mother of a young man who has made three attempts to enter Unison, pointed out that there is a great need for doctors in Mexico and that is why, she stressed, Cuban health professionals will be hired.

“Right now there has been a great need for doctors, they have brought from other places, such as Cuba, and these young people are not given the opportunity, that is why the petition to the President who promised them that he will take action on the matter. In the event that it is not possible, they will receive scholarships so that they can study medicine.”

The mother of the family pointed out that dozens of young people seeking to study medicine at the state university have taken the entrance exam three or four times, but “they have not been able to, because there is no infrastructure.”

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To an express question about the arrival of the 500 Cuban doctors, Carolina Salguero considered that as long as it is for the good of Mexican society, it is welcome, but “if these young people (from Sonora) are given the opportunity, much better, that is what is wants”.

“The president said that it was not possible for them to be left without the opportunity (to study) that he was going to see the governor, and that if he could not, he would give them scholarships anywhere in the Republic.”

“We are fighting for another group to be opened, because about a thousand took the exam and only 80 accepted, not even 10% of the boys who took the exam,” he said.

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