Zacatecas City Council trains administration personnel to exercise responsible public spending – ZHN

• The objective is to strengthen the administrative processes of the municipality.

Zacatecas, Zac.- In order to professionalize all the areas that make up the H. City Council of Zacatecas so that its staff provides a better service to the citizens of the capital, a series of training sessions were carried out on public spending.

Manuel Espartaco Gómez, Secretary of Municipal Planning, directed these workshops to the administration areas with the theme ‘Budget based on results’; that is, the correct application of the 2023 budget programs.

These trainings were carried out over four days, with a total duration of 12 hours, where the coordinator of the Subnational Evaluation group of the National Academy of Evaluators of Mexico (ACEVAL), José de Jesús Flores Jiménez, gave the course-workshop.

The objective of this type of course is to strengthen the administrative processes of the municipality, in addition to specifying the exercise of public spending in a responsible, effective, transparent and honest manner.

In this way, the Capital of Transformation advances in the issue of training public servants, in order to provide better results to the population of Zacatecas.

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