WWE removes Sasha Banks from June and July cards

There have been many rumors that have emerged in recent days regarding the case of Sasha Banks and Naomi in the last episode of Monday Night Raw. Some media have speculated on the possible departure of both fighters and it has even been mentioned that Naomi and WWE would be in a contract renewal process.

On Tuesday night a rumor arose about sasha banks calendar. Brad Shepard, known for spreading some WWE rumors, indicated that Sasha Banks and Naomi had been removed from the card of the shows that the company will celebrate this summer, including some big shows.

The Solowrestling team went to investigate at that point and found that WWE.com and the arenas, where several of those shows will be held, were still advertising Sasha Banks as part of the card. For this reason, and while waiting for confirmation from another medium with better sources, we decided to analyze which shows both fighters were advertised on and wait.

Now we can confirm that this rumor, already spread by more media, could be real. In the last hours, WWE has removed Sasha Banks from all the shows she was advertised on in June and July. The pattern is always the same; where Ronda Rousey was advertised, Sasha Banks did not appear as featured on the cards, however, where Ronda did not appear, Sasha Banks occupied one of those positions. Right now, on most cards where Ronda Rousey is unannounced, Natalya and/or Shayna Baszler occupy the spot of featured talent.

In fact, if we go forward in time, we have verified that Sasha Banks does not appear in August or September shows. By this we do not mean that WWE has fired Sasha Banks, but it has agreed to keep her off the screen for a while. If this were to happen, it is possible that the news published by WWE during Monday Night Raw will serve as an excuse to vacate the titles, although the latter is speculation.

As to Naomi, We do not know what the situation issince WWE has been promoting the presence of Sasha Banks alone.

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