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Owning a Ferrari is not only a question of money, but also of class and showing that you really value having that luxury car. And it is that the Italian company has its rules to decide who can buy its spectacular vehicles and decide who no longer. It’s like a club, if you break the rules, you’re out. Do you know what those rules are?

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According to the American portal Business Insider, “The exclusivity of owning a Ferrari goes beyond prices and limited editions”. And it is that not everyone can be a client of the Italian brand, certain requirements or rules must be met, otherwise they will be blacklisted as has happened with the athlete Floyd Mayweather Jr, the singer, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian.

Also on the banned list are the journalist Chris Harris and even the American investor David Lee, who has a large collection of luxury cars in his garage. What are those strict rules?


If you have the money to buy a Ferrari, which exceeds 250 thousand dollars, you must take into account the causes that can put you on a blacklist. Although the company does not have a decalogue for its clients, there are actions that have made the company apply the veto. Here are the most notorious rules:

  1. Repairs in an unauthorized workshop. In addition to affecting the guarantee, people who decide to make repairs to any Ferrari, whether physical or mechanical, will be crossed out. The Italian firm indicates on its official site that, to avoid violating its policies, it has official distributors to provide maintenance.
  2. Lower the sale price. If a person buys a ferrari and you want to resell it, you cannot decrease its original selling price, on the contrary, some models become so exclusive that they increase in cost every year. For that reason, they vetoed the actor Nicolas Cage, who sold his Enzo, when he was going through an economic crisis.
  3. Alter, modify or “tune” the car. Although you can put your stamp on the vehicle, you must comply with the rules to maintain the Ferrari essence. The company has a “Personalization Program”, which allows buyers to create the car of their dreams in the Atelier Ferrari studio, where they are guided by experts to maintain the DNA of the models. Several artists have been banned for that reason.
  4. Use your car to advertise. The Italian firm does not want its models to be used to advertise other products and brands. Photos and videos with a company car in the background are prohibited.
  5. Have a bad image or reputation. Ferrari, being a prestigious luxury brand, wants its cars to be far from controversy and the public stage. The violation of this principle has been committed, mainly, by artists involved in scandals.
  6. Do not show off your car or leave it abandoned. Having your Ferrari locked up in the garage for a long time is a veto reason, because for the company it means that you do not value the brand. Another reason is to leave it parked on the street for weeks, as Justin Bieber did, who was driving without a license.
Abandoned Ferrari car in Dubai (Photo: recreoviral.com)
Abandoned Ferrari car in Dubai (Photo: recreoviral.com)

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