These players will use Chivas as a currency in the summer market

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The sports management sees the players who are not a priority in the immediate future and therefore hope to get some exchanges.

The players who will be currency in Chivas
© Image 7The players who will be currency in Chivas

Ricardo Peláez, sports director of the Guadalajara Club, is clear about the names of the footballers that do not enter into plans for the Opening 2022 and therefore, he does not look badly on seeking negotiations to exchange them, however, If they do not reach an agreement with a club, they will continue in the institution to maintain internal competition.

A few hours after the permanence of Ricardo Cadena on the bench of the Sacred Flock becomes official for the next campaign, Peláez Linares does not want to waste any more time and is already targeting the elements that they could receive some proposals in the market to get out of the Perla Tapatia and thus be able to strengthen themselves.

The first casualties are those of Raúl Gudiño, the goalkeeper with whom they did not reach an agreement to renew his contract, Jesús Sánchez also received the news that he does not enter into plans for the next contest despite the fact that he had more than 12 years in the red and white institution, it is the only professional club where he has played.

Chivas has three soccer players in mind as currency

For the Opening 2022 it is a reality that Guadalajara needs to have new faces, especially on the right side, where they had to enable Isaac Brizuela and Carlos Cisneros, having no confidence in Chapo Sánchez, For this reason, Charal is one of the players who could leave and Monterrey seems not to rule out hiring him.

Poll Would you like these three players to come out?

Would you like these three players to come out?

No, only Huerta and Briseño

Let only the Chicken remain

Yes, it’s okay to go out


César Huerta has also not managed to convince the previous technicians with everything and that he returned to Chivas after a good time in Mazatlán, but he could not stand out and for that reason they will look for accommodation for him. And the third player is Antonio Briseño, the defender has given something to talk about off the pitch more than within it, reason enough why they tried to find him a club, although if no offers arrive they will remain in the squad waiting for an opportunity to compete for a position.

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