These are the banking promotions, offers and discounts of Walmart, Bodega Aurrera and Sam’s Club in Mexico

After the Walmart stores did their own event for a few years called Hot Days, now they’re back to Hot Sale 2022, the biggest online sale of the year in Mexico. This of course includes Sam’s Club and Bodega Aurrera.

Other stores such as Elektra, Coppel and Amazon Mexico also participate with different bank promotions in this event, of which Kueski Pay is an official sponsor. We will be giving constant coverage to offers and promotions.

Hot Sale 2022: how to follow and find the best offers, promotions and discounts of the great special online sale of Mexico

Walmart and Bodega Aurrera bank promotions in Hot Sale 2022

  • HSBC: we can get a 30% bonus when using our digital credit card or 20% with a physical credit card on purchases from six months without interest, as long as they exceed 5,000 pesos. Bonus capped at 5,000 pesos and it is necessary to register for the promotion. Pending terms and conditions.
  • Banorte: we have a 30% bonus when paying with a digital credit card, but we also get an additional 30% on the already reduced price if we have Banorte Payroll. This will be valid on May 23. From May 24 to 31 there will be a 20% bonus using a digital credit card. In both cases, the purchase must be a minimum of 12,000 pesos with a maximum bonus limit of 6,500 pesos for those who have a Banorte Payroll and 5,000 pesos for the rest of the users. Terms and Conditions.
  • Citibanamex: an 10% bonus during the entire event when making purchases for months without interest or also a 15% bonus on May 24 for months without interest if you have a deposit account with a debit card or if you receive payroll with the bank . Valid for purchases over 7,000 pesos and it is necessary to register for the promotion. Terms and Conditions.
  • BBVA: using a digital credit card offers us a 15% bonus in terms of 12 to 24 months without interest, with a maximum discount of 2,500 pesos, or they can also opt for double BBVA Points in cash purchases with a digital credit card. Terms and Conditions.
  • Santander: an 15% bonus for every 2,000 pesos of purchase when using our digital credit card. In addition, purchases from this amount can be paid monthly without interest, it is not necessary to register and there is no customer limit. Terms and Conditions.
  • Scotiabank: when making purchases with a credit card we can get a 15% bonus by registering on the bank’s site. Terms and Conditions.
  • Inbursa: 10% bonus and 18 months without interest on minimum purchases of 5,000 pesos. Pending terms and conditions.


By using this digital payment method we can obtain a coupon up to 350 pesos for our next purchase using the platform. This will be valid throughout the event, but keep in mind that PayPal also reserves the right to end the promotion earlier.

The amount of the coupon will depend on the bank that we use and each bank also has a certain number of coupons available. You can review the full terms and conditions for more information.

  • Citibanamex – 250 pesos limited to 18,466 coupons.
  • American Express – 350 pesos limited to 3,872 coupons
  • BBVA – 250 pesos limited to 13,431 coupons.
  • Banorte – 250 pesos limited to 5,792 coupons.
  • HSBC – 300 pesos limited to 3,786 coupons.

Sam’s Club bank promotions in Hot Sale 2022

Sam’s Club shares some of the offerings of Walmart and Bodega Aurrera, although they also have some variations. Normally these are announced on the day of the event, so we will update when we have more information.


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