There is already a date for the advance of Saw Minecraft Games

The wait is becoming eternal, but it seems that the beginning of Saw Minecraft Games is already around the corner. This has been commented from the Twitter account of the series itself.

Specifically, the series will begin at some point in the next june. However, the most eager fans will be able to quench their thirst with a official trailer which will be available from the day May 26.

Another of the details that we have been able to learn in the last few hours is that all the voiceovers that we will hear in Saw Minecraft Games will be provided by Michael Angel Jenneroriginal voice actor for jigsaw in Spain.

On the other hand, as AuronPlay himself, one of the figures involved in this project, has said: “A lot of work behind this project, but the result will be magnificentI do not have doubt”.

Auron has also dropped the following: “In June we released it, now we have to find 100 streamers“. This will not be a difficult task, since there are sure to be a lot of people who are dying to participate in the series.

Everything seems to indicate that behind Saw Minecraft Games there is high-end deploymentso we can be sure that starting in June we will have a good dose of fun, laughter and, of course, a lot of gore.

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