The Simpsons chronicle the end of the American dream

A salary like Homer Simpson’s could no longer be enough in the United States to have a house and two cars. That is the conclusion reached by the writers of the series, who in the final chapter of its 33rd season criticize the income of the American middle class.

The inspiration came from an editorial made by The Atlantic magazine, which just over a year ago calculated the income that Homer Simpson would have in real life and showed what would reach him in reality.

“A little over a year ago, The Atlantic published this piece. This Sunday, the show responds with a crazy eight-minute musical number written by Larry O’Keefe and myself, and sung by Hugh Jackman and (former Secretary of Labor) Robert Reich,” screenwriter Tim Long wrote on Twitter. of the.

According to calculations by The Atlantic, Homer Simpson’s salary in the mid-1990s was about $25,000 a year, like that of most middle-class employees in the United States. That income, with increases and costs for inflation, would currently amount to about 42 thousand dollars.

“The purchasing power of Homer’s salary has sunk dramatically. The median cost of homes has increased 2.4 times since the mid-1990s, while the cost of a person’s medical expenses has tripled. The average expense of a four-year school grade has increased 1.8 times.

“In today’s world, Marge should also have a job, but still, it would be difficult. Inflation and rising prices have caused an increase in two-income households, but also an erosion of the economic stability of the people who occupy them.

In the episode, which will premiere this Sunday in the United States and will arrive soon on the Star + platform, the former Minister of Labor, Robert Reich, will have a special participation in the topic that explains how the income of Americans has deteriorated since the end of World War II.

“I was pleasantly surprised to hear that The Simpsons wanted to address disparity this season. But I was really surprised when they asked me to sing about it with Hugh Jackman,” Reich wrote.

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