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As a transitional chapter, the one released last Thursday in “the kardashians”, the improved version of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that is now broadcast by the Star+ network for Latin America. As it is remembered, the fifth episode closed with the strong verbal cross between Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick under the nose of the clan’s matriarch, Kris Jenner.

And it is that the businessman cannot bear that the family of his ex-partner, Kourtney Kardashian, seems to want to continue his life without having him at the center of everything. So when Kendall recounted that he “celebrated his birthday” at an intimate but special gathering, and didn’t invite him, then Troy burned. Scott lost the papers and demanded the place that he believes he has earned in more than a decade with the clan.

“I’m over this shit, Scott!” Kendall yelled at one point during the argument. After hitting the table and getting up furious, the sought-after model left Disick and Kris alone, who minutes later tried to calm her ex-son-in-law. “I think Scott needs to calm his emotions,” she sentenced before cameras.

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Certainly, the bond between the Kardashians and men has not usually been problematic. Let’s be precise: separations yes, infidelities too, but not scandalous fights or millionaire lawsuits involved. At one point even – and it is not a minor detail – Khloé herself talks with her ex Tristan Thompson and tells him that, in the end, men never “break” with the clan.

“Scott never left, Kanye didn’t leave and everything seems like you didn’t either…”, he tells the basketball player, who quickly gives him a mischievous look and replies: “You don’t want me to go.” This relationship, for now only in the parental field, could have a future in the next chapters of this first season (we are in the sixth of a total of 20, it is worth remembering).

In the same vein as the men who continue to haunt the clan, this episode shows a particular moment of calm before what will most likely turn into a storm. We are talking about Kanye West (this time in his role as a loving and attentive father) visiting the house of his then-wife, Kim Kardashian, and going to pick up the children in a fire truck. What a surprise he gave his children, who did not hesitate to get into the vehicle and enjoy a walk around the neighborhood.

The leading role in this sixth episode, without a doubt, falls on Kim Kardashian, who throughout the five previous chapters finished preparing to take the Baby Bar Exam, an alternative evaluation for those who wish to study Law. The socialite – daughter of lawyer Rob Kardashian – confesses in a talk with a promoter of judicial pardons that her father would most likely be “surprised” with her desire to study law.

kim kardashian in "the kardashians"
Kim Kardashian in “The Kardashians”

“He would tell me that pursuing law brings out a lot of wrinkles. He would be very surprised, ”says the influencer, who finally manages to pass the long-awaited test (in her last chance) and cries with emotion in the company of her children and her agent. The aforementioned evaluation was the final step that Kim wanted to take before dedicating herself fully to what seems to rob her of her dreams today: doing social work focused on inmates unjustly imprisoned in the United States.

The second big news that Kim Kardashian receives in this sixth chapter of the reality show that she heads is, without a doubt, one linked to what has already been described above. After campaigning socially and summoning dozens of celebrities to demand the commutation of prisoner Julius Jones’s sentence, she finally manages to get the governor of Oklahoma to pardon his life. The emotion of Julius’s sister thanking Kim on the phone is something that could well motivate the mother of four to continue dedicating her days to this.

Scott Disick in "the kardashians"
Scott Disick in “The Kardashians”

Already in the final part of a fairly low chapter when it comes to dramas, Kourtney and Travis suffer a setback in their attempt to become parents. Despite this, and due to the good economic capacity that both have, they will look for a second doctor to help them continue in the search for a baby. The fundamental thing is that the couple stays together, and very sweet as it has been since the beginning of the series in Star +. They even came to dinner with their children. “The idea of ​​a blended family makes me happy,” said the eldest of the Kardashian daughters. Travis’s children seem to have taken the bond with a member of the media clan well.

Kendall Jenner in "the kardashians"
Kendall Jenner in “The Kardashians”

The epilogue to this episode shows Kendall and Scott sitting in Kendall’s living room trying to sort out differences. “You are the most normal of the family,” says Disick as a compliment. The slender model – who has never denied that she sees Scott as an older brother – explains the reasons why she got excited in the last chat together. “The truth is that I always try to stay out of everything,” says Jenner.

With the risk that, by lowering the level of drama, the attention on the Star+ reality show declines, will this be the end of the crosses between the members of the clan and a Scott who is still worried about losing his place in the family? We will find out in the next episodes of “The Kardashians”.

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