Teresa Ruiz: the Mexican actress crosses borders in the film Father Stu

‘I love the work of Mel Gibson. I grew up watching all his movies because my dad liked them a lot; but something very strange happened when I had to work with him: he was the only one I didn’t talk to [en un principio] when we were on set. I was with Mark, Jacki and other colleagues all the time, but every time Mel came over, I made a fool of myself and left. Surely he thought she was bloody because he always tried to come up and say hello to me,’ admits Teresa with the look and smile of a little girl about to recognize an innocent prank.

Teresa Ruiz’s life story led her to start her career in the mecca of cinema; however, she never forgot where she came from. Although she never actually drew a dividing line between the two nations that saw her grow, but tried to unite them. After all, isn’t art supposed to ignore all borders?

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Scene from the movie The Northman by Anya Taylor-Joy

In the same way as Teresa, there are several artists who are working for eliminate those gaps between the territories and their inhabitants, but there is no doubt that much remains to be done.

Teresa Ruiz: The Mexican actress who knows no borders.Gustavo Garcia-Villa

The lack of inclusion and representation in the media it gives way to the reinforcement of rigid stereotypes, emitting an image that is not very objective and very limited of reality. This almost always distorted exposition of the minority groups (Latinxs, women, among others) causes the imaginary constructed by media products to be raised –sometimes– based on contempt and typification, which reaffirms inequality.

The problem of present a single reality is that different societies perceive the stories and characters they see, through movies or series, as the truth, reflecting an image where the real is nothing more than the unreal, but Teresa Ruiz refuses to follow the canon.

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