Robert Downey Jr wants Johnny Depp in his movie


Johnny Depp It has been a trend in recent weeks due to the trial he is holding with his ex-partner, Amber Heard; however, you could have a new one opportunity to return to the cinema and it would be thanks to one of his best friends, Robert Downey Jr.

who plays Iron Man in Marvel movies He has been a friend for years with Depp, so he would have requested his foray into the next saga of Sherlock Homesand it would be nothing more and nothing less than as a villain.

This version was brought to light since last summer by We Got This Coveredalthough so far it has not been confirmed or denied, however, the news has echoed again in the last few hours before the trial held by whoever starred in the “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

When will Sherlock Homes 3 be released?

The first part was released in 2009 and the second two years later. Although he paused for a few moments, the thought of the third movie It was completed a few years ago, but could not be done due to the pandemic and to the occupations of the different actors.

For this reason, There is no release or shooting date yet. for both the third and fourth parts of Sherlock Holmes.

Notably Although Downey Jr. is the main character of the film, he is not a director or producer. so that the arrival of his friend Depp on the tape would not be in his hands.

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