Poniatowska, on turning 90: ‘I expect the protection of women from my government’

MEXICO CITY.- In the midst of the emotion for the celebration of her 90th birthday, Elena Poniatowska questioned the disappearance of people in Mexico, the murders against women, the femicides and said that what she expects from her government is protection for the women, because in Mexico those who disappear the most are peasants, poor people and women.

“What I do expect from my government is the protection of women, especially that people no longer disappear,” said the writer and journalist at the end of her national tribute at the Palace of Fine Arts, this noon.

After signing several books, the writer said that it is very terrible that there continues to be this disappearance of young people, students and women as well.

“We should talk about murder and femicide, that is very important.” When asked if the voices of the families of the disappeared should be heard in a country where 100,000 disappearances have been reached, the author of “La noche de Tlatelolco” said yes, that many articles appear in the newspapers “but there should be like a campaign from all of us to avoid them. This is not possible”.

Has the state failed? She was asked and Elena said that the State “Finally has not supported, it has not been seen to support or care” and added that it cannot be said that nothing has been done because there have always been great injustices.

«When I was young I lived it in the Lecumberri Prison, it was the preventive prison, personally it helped me a lot to hear life stories, stories of injustices, stories of lies too, […] all of this was an enormous lesson, but what I do expect from my government is the protection of women, above all that people no longer disappear,” he emphasized, noting that those who disappear the most in Mexico are the peasants, poor people and women.

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